Around Town – July 23

Orchids to …

• Austin Mize for helping with our open house and apologies for leaving out your name, from Grandma.

• the kind person who closed up my convertible before the storm while I was in a store shopping, from Trish.

• Four Seasons Retirement Center for an awesome event Thursday.

• our police officers who never know what they will be facing when called, thank you for what you do.

• the garden angel who left a bag of delicious green beans at my door.

• Emalie and Erika for doing so well in softball and Miah for doing so well in T-ball the first time they ever played the games, from Grandma and Grandpa Fields.

• Ben Wagner at kidscommons and Mark Jones at Parks and Recreation for their generous, caring and sharing attitude toward the less fortunate in the community.

• the postal delivery person on Timber Ridge Drive who returned my mailbox key Friday.

• Dr. Christopher Stevens and everyone at Columbus Specialty Surgery Center for their kind and professional care during and after my sinus surgery, from a happy patient.

• Barbara Phillips for her letter to the editor, from someone who agrees.

Onions to …

• politicians who say our country, with less than 6 percent unemployment and virtually no deaths from off-shore terrorists, is in a crisis.

• the city administration for doubling the cost of the State Street Project with no public discussion in advance.

• the two teens in Everroad Park West at 4 a.m. Monday riding bikes, wearing hoodies and a backpack, who stole my glass hummingbird.

• the people who complained because the girls softball game started late when a coach had to fill in for missing players, then the team had to forfeit their first tourney game, ending their season and breaking their hearts.

• the big-box member store for changing a policy that directly affects disabled and handicapped members.

• neighbors on Franklin Street who turned a quiet street into a parking lot.

• people who are throwing a party for the arts when they should be throwing a party for the poor.

• the letter writer who has no idea that Black Lives Matter really means all lives matter, not just people of color.

• the man in Fairlawn for running his dog in 90 degree weather on Thursday.

Happy Birthday to …

• Ruth DeLay, from your family, from the Reas and Donna.

• Amanda Carrigan, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Becky Goecker, from Jeri, Bob, Max, A.J., Emma, Kayla and the rest of your family.

• Jordan Sneed

• Shari Sanders

• Teresa Harker

• Kelsee Jones

• Kaitlyn Emmert

• Linda Cutrell, from Jean Patrick.

• Penny Gilham from your friend, Carolyn McClintic.

• Belated Birthday Wishes to

• Allen Dillman from friends at Hope Moravian Church.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Joyce and Gary Bragg, from your family, Leta and Donna.

• Eddie and Terry Loweth, from the family.