Letter: Become part of LGBT Safe Initiative

From: Terry Whittaker


Following the appalling events in Orlando, our community came together in sorrow and with a voice of compassion for the victims, their families, friends, the LGBT community in that shaken city and to recognize the fear it has engendered in the broader LGBT community including Columbus. Many among us are searching for ways to do more.

Here in Columbus, the LGBT Safe Initiative is a local project which seeks to ensure that our own community is openly welcoming to all who identify as LGBT. If you own or operate a local business, service or organization, you can join the 35 local entities who have already signed on.

We urge you to become part of this effort as we work together to help make Columbus LGBT friendly and safe. There is no cost to you and registration is easy; simply visit the SAFE website at columbus.lgbtsafe.org. The SAFE website also provides background information on the initiative together with useful training resources.

For the LGBT Safe committee: Jill Tasker, Guru Charan, Jasmine O’Connor and Terry Whittaker

For The Columbus Inclusive Community Coalition: Julia Stumpf, Susan Points, Sondra Bolte and  Brian Walters

For Pride Alliance of Columbus: Tim Green, Daniel Noel, Sandy McCoy, Penny Shumate and Bett Haven

For First Presbyterian Church: Ann Jones, Cara Bywater and Dr. Felipe N. Martinez

For Columbus Peace Fellowship: Jo Lucas, Judith Gillespie and Sarah Grey

For Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus: Rev. Mary Moore