Around Town – August 5

Orchids to …

• Nancy Reed for all her Nanny Notes and clippings for all our family, from the Retz and Stowers families.

• CARE and Columbus Animal Care Services for their unfailingly loving kindness and compassion for dogs, cats and their owners.

• farmers who demonstrate animal husbandry at its best by trapping feral cats and bringing them in for neutering to reduce the kitten population explosion.

• David and Diane Wilson for their kindness to a disabled person.

• Annette at Bartholomew County Public Library for her superb help.

• Don Lucas and Uncle Harold for fixing my car, from Doris Roberts.

• Bartholomew County and the city of Columbus for lighting the courthouse and the bridge in blue in honor of our law enforcement.

• Rachel at First United Methodist Church for sending people devotional texts.

• The Republic for donating newspapers to Thrive Alliance nutrition centers in Columbus.

• the young man at Korn Country for figuring out the name of a song and the band that plays it for me, from Kim.

• Columbus Transit for its kindness and thoughtfulness, from Kathy Sprague.

• Danny and Pam for the tomatoes, from your neighbors.

• Doug Southern for a wonderful job and all the hard work on our new roof, from a happy customer on the north side.

Onions to …

• the political candidate who revealed poor character by using the bankruptcy law on four occasions to avoid repaying people who had lent his companies money in good faith, and then bragged about it.

• the department that paved Raintree Drive for making it a rippled, dusty, gravel road.

• the business in Hope whose boss can’t return phone calls.

• people who complain about the city’s transit system.

• the unfit political candidate who revealed a total lack of character and integrity by desecrating the sacrifice and memory of a fallen Muslim-American hero who was killed in Iraq, and showing complete disrespect to and contempt for the soldier’s heartbroken parents.

Happy Birthday to …

• Loretta Denton and Kenneth Lee, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Penny Davis Miller, from the cage crew.

• Kim Baughman, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Clyde Hoy, on No. 98.

• Wyatt Whittington.

• Carter Crockett.

• Joe Davidson.

• Jonna Shepherd.

• Christian Woods.

• Rose Clark, from Jean Patrick.

• Isaac Thomas, on No. 8, from Mom and Dad.

• Lura Burris from Bobby, Pete, Debbie and Bob.

• Harold Fox, from the Huff family.

• Carol Pope, from all her friends.

• Carter Crockett, from Mamaw T and Papaw Rick.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bill and Linda Sullivan, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Charlie Pedigo, on No. 23, from your wife, Penny.

• Penny Pedigo, on No. 23, from your husband, Charlie.