Bear sightings: Latest report says he’s in Jefferson County

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources reports the latest sighting of a black bear that has been heading north from Kentucky is in Jefferson County, west of Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge and Clifty Falls State Park.

The bear has shown no signs of being a threat to the public, but is exhibiting behavior consistent with a young male black bear seeking a new home territory, said Phil Bloom, DNR communications.

The DNR is reminding residents of these tips about minimizing any contact or conflicts with the bear:

  • Do not feed the bear intentionally or accidentally.
  • Remove trash cans from outside areas.
  • Remove bird feeders from outdoors.
  • Clean and store your grill.
  • If you see the bear, advertise your presence by shouting and waving your arms and backing away slowly.

Report any bear sightings to the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife at 812-334-1137 or