Letter: Why are Democrats obsessed with abortion?

From: Adam Hall


While campaigning in Florida last week, Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine attacked congressional Republicans for failing to pass a funding bill that would have directed $1.1 billion toward research to treat and prevent the Zika virus.

Kaine blasted Republicans for including a “poison pill” in the form of anti-abortion language.

In truth, it was Senate Democrats who killed the bill and there is no “poison pill” in the legislation. Instead, Democrats are stalling because the bill does not specifically earmark a portion of funding to go to Planned Parenthood.

Nothing in the legislation would cut any current federal funding going to Planned Parenthood. Here is the important part: the abortion provider would like to use the extra government funding to pay for abortions for women outside the United States — nothing to do with Zika research.

Ironically, President Obama has repeatedly made impassioned pleas to pass the legislation, with never once mentioning Planned Parenthood. However, Planned Parenthood sent Senate Democrats a letter before the vote instructing them to oppose the bill because it would be “a vote against women’s health care.”

One must ask themselves why Democrats are so obsessed with abortion to put the interests of the Americans they should be serving behind those of people in other countries? Specifically, why is it so important that the American people pay to abort children overseas?

Regardless of whether you support or oppose abortion, using this issue as a wedge to drive Americans apart and endanger our public health is foolish, but typical of Democrats.