Movie filming in city reflects positively on architectural legacy

The city’s many fine examples of Modern architecture have generated a buzz since they began appearing seven decades years ago.

However, Columbus is generating even more excitement these days because an independent movie, called “Columbus,” is being filmed here through Aug. 20.

With a Hollywood-caliber leading man in actor John Cho (Sulu in new “Star Trek” franchise), filming has been the talk of the town. The fact that “Columbus” is considered a low-budget film hasn’t lessened interest one bit.

Local residents, business operators and others have been able to watch the film crew and actors move around some of the city’s architectural gems — key backdrops for the film and an integral part of the storyline.

The film’s director, who goes by the name Kogonada, said he’s had an interest in Modern architecture since college. And, Kogonada said, articles he read about the city’s architectural gems and a visit here spurred him to write a screenplay with Columbus and its examples of Modernism as part of the storyline.

The Columbus Area Visitors Center has long touted the city’s architecture as an important reason why thousands of people visit the south-central Indiana city each year. The movie “Columbus” is further proof of that magnetism.

It also reinforces just how special Columbus is in the world of architecture, which ramps up the Visitors Center’s ability to generate a buzz for the city.