Letter: Veterans’ spouses deserve thanks, too

From: Michael Arford


Today I was partaking of a snack with my wife at McDonald’s when an old man (probably 70 to 75; I’m 77) and his wife came in. He walked with a slight limp and was wearing a black ball cap in colors of the Vietnam service ribbon. It declared that he was indeed a disabled, Vietnam veteran and showed an insignia for several awards and medals earned.

A couple of younger women with children thanked him for his service, which he well deserved. Each time he mumbled an embarrassed “thank you, but I really didn’t do that much.” His wife smiled with pride and hugged his arm.

I am wondering if anyone ever thanked her for her service, her patience and for being there to help him heal the demons that creep into his dreams at night and attach to those awards and medals. You know, there are millions of combat veterans’ wives, and, come to think about it, there are combat veterans’ husbands, too. Thank you to each and everyone. Semper fi.