Around Town – August 23

Orchids to …

• Ronnie Ballard on another good year for us all, love Ronnie Ballard and the Ballard family.

• the well organized St. Bartholomew 175th anniversary celebration mass and dinner.

• Justin Ackeret and REMC for all your help and concern, from Janet Wolf.

• the woman in the west side McDonald’s line who paid for my drink Saturday morning.

• Paul for buying the breakfast at the Corner Cafe.

• Columbus Alliance, Sharon and other staff members for helping me get a blood sugar monitor.

• Columbus Regional Hospital Emergency Room for helping me with my sore foot and for the excellent care and speedy help.

• Tyler McFarlane III for helping me with my lawn mower and my van, from Bebra Bailey.

• Brandi at Southern In Heart and Vascular for being so prompt in returning my call.

Onions to …

• the two local radio stations both covering the East football game and none covering the North game.

• the lady in front of me with a cart load of pop and chips who said everyone was coming to her house for a party and then paid for all her items with food stamps.

• the driver of the pickup truck that didn’t have fully functioning taillights late Saturday night.

• grown men who wear their hat backward.

• the lady at Red Lobster on Friday night with inappropriate dinner talk loud enough for surrounding tables to hear.

• whoever doesn’t think public safety is worth $1.38 a week.

• The Republic for not delivering my paper Sunday.

• the people who blow all the grass out into the roads when they are mowing the edge of their lawns.

• the person complaining about the movie company disrupting our library.

• the newspaper delivery person who throws my paper on the road instead of putting it in the paper box.

• the facility that continues to change how things are done without involving all of the staff to let them know about the changes.

• the factory manager who lets their employees take property from the factory.

• the person who stole my weed eater on Peppertree Lane.

• the big box store that has one stall in the men’s restroom out of order and has not done a thing about it in over a month.

• the middle-aged woman who was dressed like her elderly father in the grocery store the other day.

Happy Birthday to …

• Everett Moss, from Pastor Carl and The OutReach.

• Chris Mitchell, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Catherine Ahlbrand, from Stacey and Addison.

• Emily Walker, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Catherine Ahlbrand on No. 90, from Ron, Jeanette and family.

• Happy Belated Birthday to…

• Kennith Merideth, from Vera and Mark.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ted and Patty Unrue on No. 47, from your family.