Watch what’s coming: Putting beer in the can at 450 North Brewing Co.

Like a fine wine, the evolution of Simmons Winery has been in small steps over time that resulted in an unexpected blend of ideas and ingenuity.

The winery, an attraction along County Road 450N between Columbus and Hope for nearly two decades, was honored Aug. 16 by the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce Venture Awards as Entrepreneur of the Year.

But the award may well have been more appropriately named ongoing Entrepreneur of the Year, as what started as the Simmons Winery has diversified over the years with the addition of the 450 North Brewing Co., banquet center and pizza restaurant, all the while under the guidance of the tightly knit Simmons family.

David and Brenda Simmons and their children — twins Daron and Aaron, 27, and daughter Lauren, 25 — have grown their business by carefully considering when and how to expand, and listening to the younger family members for advice on trends and ideas.

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