Court news – September 3


Scott Michael Wilson, 23, Thornton Court, and Meghan Demi Bailey, 23, Thornton Court.

Janine Nichole Walker, 25, Sims Court, and David Michael Foster, 22, Sims Court.

Garrett Alden Mocas, 28, North Station Drive, and Abigal Dawn Cortez, 27, North Station Drive.

Nancy Ann Brown, 76, Washington Street, and James D. Poynter, 83, Washington Street.

James Edward Peppers, 32, Gilmore Street, and Gracie Mae Hatfield, 41, Greensburg.

Jeremy M. Goins, 37, Beam Road, and Lisa P. Thomas, 54, Beam Road.

Richard Levail Shell, 53, Della Road, and Lori Lynn Cobb, 45, Red Cedar Court.

Jon Voelz, 31, McCullough Lane, and Amity Hood, 29, McCullough Lane.

Jeffrey Chad-Eugene Minor, 23, Beam Road, and Kyra Lynne Davis, 23, Beam Road.

Jessica Nicole Morris, 30, North Marr Road, and Charles Joseph Burton, 28, North Marr Road.

Caleb Louis Barringer, 24, North County Road 650E, and Samantha Renee Smith, 23, Seymour.

Ashley Marsh, 24, Gemstone Drive, and Sean Hollows, 24, Gemstone Drive.

Timothy Lee Saylor II, 30, North Marr Road, and Felisha Nicole Wood, 26, North Marr Road.

Jeffrey Keith Forrest, 36, Keith Drive, and Deanna Michelle Orberson, 35, Keith Drive.

Curtis Isaac Newton, 27, Edinburgh, and Samantha Marie Stines, 24, Edinburgh.

Aimee Michelle Anderson, 43, West County Road 450S, and Heidi Marie Shipley, 35, Indianapolis.

Benjamin David Padgett, 32, Devonshire Road, and Melissa Ruth Dahn, 27, Devonshire Road.

Andrew Robert Hacker, 33, Greensburg, and Destiny Hope Reeder, 24, Rosebud Drive.

Nichole Hall, 42, East County Road 100N, vs. Chad M. Phillips, 41, East County Road 100N.

David Alexander Wack, 30, Lansing, Michigan, and Krista Marie Bruenjes, 30, Lansing, Michigan.

Lindsey Rena Taylor, 19, Bonesteel Drive, and Kyle Joseph Fathauer, 21, Marilyn Street.

Nina Nicole Lassonnier, 25, Creekside Way, and Roberto Eli Fuentes, 28, Buckingham Drive.

Brian G. Meek, 54, Streamside Drive, and Danielle McMillan, 36, Streamside Drive.

Erwin Arthur Schindel, 68, North County Road 500W, and Carole Lynn Hilton, 64, North County Road 500W.

Ross Michael Kunkler, 27, East Meadow Ridge Road, and Allison Clare Lindhorst, 26, East Meadow Ridge Road.

Benjamin William Spencer, 37, Cardinal Court, and Stacy Lynn Parman, 41, Wehmeier Street.

Kristen Scheidt, 30, East 25th Street, and Mitchel Thor Paswater, 29, East 25th Street.

Ashley Danielle Norman, 28, Hope, and Braden Nelson Loyd, 28, East County Road 100S.

Caleb Joe Jewell, 23, 10th Street, and Kalie Ilene Walker, 21, 10th Street.

Seth Michael Roberts, 24, 13th Street, and Erica Michelle Bay, 24, 13th Street.

Benjamin Vernon Pace, 72, Patterson Road, and Cheryl Jean Stokes, 62, Hope.

Filiberto Ramirez, 51, East 25th Street, and Roxie Elizabeth Griffith, 65, East 25th Street.

Barry B. Lyndon White, 36, East Meadow Ridge Road, and Jessica Nicole Wilson, 34, East Meadow Ridge Road.

Kimberly Ann Shelley, 45, East Karlsway Drive, and Brian Jay Barker, 39, East Karlsway Drive.

John Robert Darlage, 33, Washington Street, and Amanda Marie Mitchell, 32, Washington Street.

Jeremy Scott Vanantwerp, 34, Beam Road, and Linda Leann Bierlein, 27, Beam Road.

Klinton Nathaniel Hensler, 25, Scipio, and Taylor Lyn Ashman, 23, Edinburgh.

Ryan Joseph Nelson, 28, Shadow Creek Boulevard, and Danielle Marie Dion, 27, Willow Lane.

Dwayne Daniel Skinner, 47, Washington Street, and Tiki Takia Hendrickson, 36, Grand Avenue.

Robyn Lynn Poore, 32, Hope, and Timothy Aaron Clapp, 37, Hope.

Courtney N. Hill, 30, South County Road 600E, and Joshua D. Rhoades, 31, South County Road 600E.

Keith A. Graham, 39, Mapleton Court, and Taylor M. Lambert, 24, Mapleton Court.

Ryan Lee Johnson, 21, East County Road 265N, and Chelsea Danielle Baker, 24, East County Road 265N.

Jordan McGuckin, 22, West Sawmill Road, and Courtney Louden, 22, New Haven.

Scott Michael Wilson, 23, Thornton Court, and Ashlee Nichole Black, 31, Thornton Court.

Megan Lee Chamberlain, 31, Sycamore Street, and Phillip Curtis Doup, 33, Sycamore Street.

Reno Castrogiovanni, 29, Chicago, and Jessica Rachael Roll, 28, West Reeves Drive.

Dalton Scott Thompson, 24, Orchard Creek Drive, and Hannah Dawn Mensendiek, 22, West County Road 700S.

Nathan Charles Schloss, 26, South County Road 700W, and Audrey Belle Holley, 20, Clifford.

Jenna Kaitlyn Law, 20, Sims Court, and Mason Lee Imlay, 20, Sims Court.

Steven Dale Mayo, 28, Pine Ridge Drive, and Ayana Kobayashi, 25, Pine Ridge Drive.

Karen Sue Newland, 43, Joseph Cox Court, and Pavinee Boonwathanakul, 52, Joseph Cox Court.

Joshua Douglas Isaacs, 28, North Lincoln Village Drive, and Zipporah Renee Stewart, 22, North Lincoln Village Drive.

Annette Du’Wyce Wilson, 27, Lakecrest Drive, and Randolph Jamal Prescott, 27, Lakecrest Drive.

Kimberly Jane Crum, 27, Lewis Drive, and Timothy Dale Mathis Jr., 34, Seymour.