Joel Philippsen, digital marketing coordinator at Columbus Regional Health, is the July winner in a new leadership program sponsored by the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce and the Columbus Young Professionals group. One young professional from the Columbus community is chosen each month of 2016 in the areas of life, community and work as someone who exemplifies leadership skills. Philippsen was nominated in the “work” category. The Republic is introducing the winners each month through this column.

Name: Joel Philippsen

Age: 33

City of residence: Columbus

Family: Melissa (wife), Everett, 3, and Abram, 1 (sons)

Education: Delphos (Ohio) St. John High School, 2002. Ball State University, 2006. Bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in photojournalism.

Your job: As digital marketing coordinator at Columbus Regional Health, my primary responsibilities include marketing projects that involve creating and optimizing media for platforms that involve web, digital/traditional media (radio, TV, newspaper) and some graphic design for the health system.

How many years have you lived in Columbus?


What are your activities and interests in Columbus?

My activities and interests in Columbus revolve heavily around our two boys. Outside of that, I enjoy cycling, woodworking, home projects, being outdoors and photography.

The Columbus Young Professionals say you were nominated in the work category. Give us some examples of ways you lead in the Columbus community through your work and activities:

Working for an organization like Columbus Regional Health allows me to work with different leaders in the community and be part of programs through community sponsorships which we participate in. For example, I was a co-lead for marketing efforts early on for the Mill Race Marathon. More recently, I’ve been able to play a part behind the scenes for the QMIX musical fireworks and launching of ColumBike.

One of the reasons you were nominated is making a positive impact across a large organization, in this case Columbus Regional Health. Why is that role important to you?

My role at Columbus Regional Health is important to me because I really like working in an organization that has such an impact in the community. The work that I touch in my role often presents challenges and being able to work through those challenges with a team to come up with a solution is something I find rewarding. Another aspect I enjoy about my role is that I am able to work with different departments throughout the health system to evaluate and implement different ideas and technologies that can improve the experience of our customers.

What types of volunteer activities are you involved in? Why were you attracted to those volunteer opportunities?

Indiana Hospital Marketing & Public Relations Society (IHMPRS) board member, Eucharistic minister at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, communications advisory board member at St. Meinrad Archabbey. I also enjoy working and sharing with students in Ivy Tech’s visual communications department. Volunteering is a great way to give back as well as learn more about people and organizations that you have an interest in or would like to become more connected or familiar with.

Tell us about your work as digital marketing coordinator at Columbus Regional Health. What’s most challenging about it and what do you enjoy the most?

At the end of the day my work as digital marketing coordinator is primarily about sharing the story of Columbus Regional Health in a variety of different ways. The goal is to do that in a way that individuals can know more about the organization and make informed decisions about their health and wellness choices. The most challenging part — although it’s an aspect that I really enjoy — is that the ways in which people communicate and receive communication continues to evolve. Keeping up with those trends and working with a team to best tell all of the different aspects of our story in an effective way is something I really enjoy.

If you could change Columbus in any way, what would that change be?

I really like a lot of the things Columbus has done with the People Trails, encouraging residents to be more active and making streets more bike friendly. Extending that notion throughout Columbus and into Bartholomew County would be a change that I would love to see.

What do you think shouldn’t change about Columbus, and why?

The emphasis placed on good design and diversity. Those two things are key to broadening our mindsets and emphasizing that the place where we live is built of a community of individuals who are interested in making their city a better place in a deliberate way.

When you talk about Columbus to those who don’t live here, how do you describe it?

First, I usually have to identify where it is located on a map — but after that — I often will say that it is a great place to raise a family, a city rich in architecture and is surrounded by the beauty of southern Indiana. I’ve lived my whole life in the Midwest and Columbus feels different. There’s a unique mix of activities, opportunities and a lifestyle here that makes it a place which I’m proud to call home.

If someone asked you what they could do to help the community of Columbus, what would you advise them to do?

I would encourage them to think about something they have an interest in as well as the skills they offer. There are a variety of opportunities to join a group, committee or even an employer that may share a common interest. Working together you can help make an aspect of the Columbus community a better place.