Around Town – September 10

Orchids to …

• Officer John Martoccia for his compassion and support to our family after dealing with a scam artist.

• Cummins for finding new and innovative ways to share with the community.

• Mr. Artis and Mr. Walters for sharing your Native American artifacts with Hope Elementary School third-graders, from the students and their teachers.

• the passer-by for bringing our small dog home after it was killed by a car.

• the Columbus Eagles No. 741.

• Mila and Jamie at McDonald’s on National Road for the beautiful fall and Halloween decorations inside and outside the restaurant, from Paula Rice and April Littell.

• Kenny and Pam Newland for always helping out family and friends, from the Hill family.

• Catherine in the Bartholomew County auditor’s office for being so helpful, from Stacy Sweeney.

• the government for mowing weeds on U.S. 31 North.

• United Way for doing a wonderful job for the elderly in the trailer park, from a grateful resident.

Onions to …

• kids who collected money from me for flowers three weeks ago and haven’t delivered them.

• the shipping manager that does not know how to do his job.

• the person who stole the East grandparents’ stadium chairs while they were on the field after the game visiting their grandson.

• people who wait until they are paying at the checkout to start searching their cellphone for their digital coupon, which they should have done before getting in line.

• the sloppy lawn care company whose business will not be renewed next year.

• the daycare bus driver who ran the red light at Rocky Ford and Middle roads, putting children at risk.

• the individual sending an Onion to the county for not mowing U.S. 31 when it’s not the county’s responsibility.

• those who blame Fox News for the country’s past eight years of downturn in its financial, military and freedom positions.

• the police department for not doing anything about large flatbed trucks parking on both sides of a small city street, making it hard for any vehicles to get through.

• government officials who promised the streets of Everroad East would be repaved in the spring and did not do it.

• people who chain dogs outside with no food or water.

Happy Birthday to …

• Bob Webb, from your neighbors.

• Joyce Meier, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Karen Sweet, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Lindsey Harris.

• Ronnie Davidson.

• Macey Whittington.

• Jade Allman.

• Vivian Adams, from Jean Patrick.

• Linda Carmichael, from Luretta Clark.

• Stacee Pedigo, from Mom.

• Ginger Jordan, from Mom, Dad and Mollie.

• Larry Greathouse from Teresa, Jennifer, Stephanie, Vera, Ron, Janice, Retha, Becky and the rest of your family.

• Larry Greathouse, happy 65th from JT, Jennifer, Nate and Daegan

• Happy Belated Birthdays to:

• Michael George, Judy Lowman, Debbie Blair, Marsha Shewmake, Betty Cummings, Pete Grimm and Bobby Turner from Pastor Lewis And The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Haley Webster.

• Charlotte Frazier-Bey.

Happy Anniversary to …

• John and Terri McFarland, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Dwight and Sara Carter.

• Irwin and Martha Mayes.

• Happy Belated Anniversary to …

• Franz and Mavis Burton From Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Leon and Norma Hitchcock.

ANOTHER beautiful morning