Letter: Reward yourself … Choose Jesus Christ for all eternity

From: Jewel Fleetwood


There is a time when we feel we must act on an inner voice, urging us to say or do something we have put off too long. My inner voice told me I had to do a better job telling others about Jesus.

This article is an opportunity for you to do some soul-searching. Isn’t it amazing some of us spend 12 to 20-plus years or so preparing, then fulfilling our chosen life’s journeys. Then what? Eternity — 1,000 years, 10,000 years, forever.

Don’t you think it wise to find out where and why we may go someplace forever if we can decide where we go? The best source to study, to me, is the Holy Bible. The whole Bible was written, in my view, the Old Testament, an account of a nation, and the New Testament, an account of a man, Jesus, to give us sinful people a way back to God. And what is that way?

The only way to heaven is through Jesus. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes unto the faith but by me.” (John 14:6)

Do not let anyone intimidate you in deciding what to do. You will be the one giving account of yourself to God.

Please remember, this article is my personal view. This article may be only a beginning for you to decide about Jesus. Much study may or may not be required for your decision. One could not begin to write about what Jesus did or said on Earth, but one can perhaps explain in some measure what he desires from us.

Jesus taught us to love God and love our neighbor, to do right, to realize we are all sinners, to confess and repent of our sins before men, to be baptized as an answer of good conscience to God and to wash away our sins, to receive the Holy Spirit, become a new creature in Christ, telling others about Jesus in our daily walks and stirring to become God’s ambassador around the world.

He wants us to know he died on the cross, shedding his blood to cover all mankind’s sins. He will cover all our sins if we accept him as our lord and savior. We must believe he is the savior of the world.

Finally, believe this: Satan walketh to and fro upon the Earth seeking whomever he may devour. Do not be fooled. He is after you. If you have rejected Jesus, Satan’s flames and torment await you. His flames grow higher and brighter. Your hour of decision-making may indeed be shorter and shorter.

May I say this to you? Run, sinners, run. Fall on your knees before Jesus. Give him your life and your soul. Today is the day of salvation. May I also say this: With Jesus, you will be forever and eternally grateful that you chose Jesus for all of eternity.