Letter: Chicken ban would show city not progressive

From: Stephanie Strothmann


Members of a small public group in town feel that they are entitled to dictate what the majority of the city of Columbus can and can’t do and how they feel this city should be operated. If someone or something is different or progressive, they want no part of it. They would much rather chase the different person out than to take the time to understand and learn. Facts that this group claims to have are based on verbal statements with no concrete proof. This is most definitely a form of bullying and is definitely not what the idea of Columbus is based upon.

Twenty years ago I moved to Columbus thinking it was a progressive town, a forward-thinking town and one that I would enjoy being a part of. Twenty years later, I found myself moving back to the town that I grew up in — a town that I used to think was not very progressive, was old-fashioned and was stuck in its ways but have since discovered how very progressive it actually is.

I’m not harassed nor made to feel out of place because I chose to raise four hens. Instead of embracing the idea of urban chicken farming, the anti-chicken group in Columbus has sought to create a false sense that everyone in Columbus is against this forward-thinking idea when, in fact, the concrete proof has been that the majority of this town really isn’t bothered by the fact of having urban chickens, and the ones who are vocal are in favor of allowing a very small number of hens to be kept on a person’s property following certain guidelines.

The anti-chicken group’s Facebook page touts that people who raise a small number of hens don’t like barbecues, neighborhoods and modern lifestyles, when, in fact, the very idea of urban chicken keeping is modern and promotes more outdoor living and camaraderie with neighbors.

The city of Columbus will conduct a city council meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday that will determine whether or not Columbus can join the other progressive cities in Indiana and allow a small number of hens to be kept. Please consider attending this meeting to let your voice be heard and/or contact your city council members to let them know your thoughts. If this ban passes, I’m certain more people will move from this town to find a more progressive place to live.