Around Town – October 2

Orchids to …

• Holly for her awesome delivery service, from Ninth Street residents.

• Chris Newkirk at Columbus Regional Hospital for all of her hard work and time that she has put into September’s Sepsis Awareness month in educating the staff, physicians and our community.

• the Musillami’s car-hops who showed professionalism, courtesy and speed to their customers on the very hectic and difficult last day of the season.

• James Atkins’ letter to the editor Friday for very true and very complete information.

• Advance Family Dentistry, Dental Care of Columbus Crossing and Rudolph’s Family Dental for donating all the toothbrushes and toothpaste for Brighter Days homeless shelter.

• the kind police officer who escorted our daughter-in-law to the hospital emergency room Wednesday evening.

• Ron for being such a good caregiver after my surgery, love Beverly.

• Terry Snyder for the letter you wrote in the October ECUM newsletter, from Lisa Welch.

• the pharmacy staff at the west side Walmart for a job well done, above and beyond, from Colleen.

• East High School teachers, Troy Buntin and Greg Lewis, who represent dedicated and passionate teachers in the BCSC system who go above and beyond to educate students using history and government as tools to prepare students.

• the nice young lady at Sirloin Stockade who paid for my lunch Friday.

• Mark at Shoe Sensation for being the most knowledgeable person about shoes.

• my daughter-in-law, Sandy Beatty, for all your help after my recent surgery, from Anne.

• Pam Dees, Connie Ostrom, Pattie Hauck, Nancy Kacedan, Cindy Leising, Joyce Roney and Kitty King for walking Zipper and for bringing food while I was recuperating from knee surgery, from Anne.

• Columbus Fire Department for taking time out to play basketball with the young people in the Ninth Street area, from a Ninth Street resident.

• Dr. Elliot at Columbus Regional Health for being such a great doctor during my hospital stay, from Troy Wehner.

• Sarah at the new Kroger deli for always having such a great personality.

• Nick of Barkes, Weaver & Glick for his assistance of a disabled person Friday.

• Sadie of Sadie’s Restaurant for her kindness and generosity during this difficult time, from the Tuell family.

• Kirk Smith and Lori Phillips for their wonderful help moving our furniture, from the Perry’s.

Happy Birthday to …

• Gunrawee Navamark, from your coworkers, Ronnie, Brenda and Donna.

• Ronnie Goss, from your family, Rita, Bonnie, Gunny, and Donna.

• Diane Huffman, from your family, George and Donna.

• Treva Edwards, from your family, coworkers, Bonnie and Donna.

• Mason Dean.

• Carol Gardner.

• Elijah Phares.

• Kristy Hall, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Randall Champion, from Mom and Tom.

• Jack Greene, from Tom and Judy.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Dallas Anderson, with love from Sherry and your George and Anderson families.

• Johnny Crouch, from your sister-in-law Lena.

Happy Anniversary to …

• John and Ruth Wilson.

• Junior and Sandy Wall on No. 35, from Megan, Nick and Alexis.