Around Town – October 6

Orchids to …

• First Christian Church for your donation of coats for our Coat Drive for those in need in our community, from Salvation Army Captains Alan and Jodi Sladek.

• Sally R. for your spot-on article about Trump, from M.E.H.

• ThirtyOne Auto for being honest and doing quality work, from a very satisfied customer.

• Linda for digging through the trash to help find Gabby’s retainer, from Gabby’s mom.

• the kind Dairy Queen worker who helped find and clean my daughter’s retainer from the trash during the field trip Monday, from a grateful mom.

• Nancy Pence-Fritsch on rearing a polite, well-spoken son who lives by his strong principles, from another Columbus mom.

• Cecil Downs for his generosity and the lunch, with a toast to Sharon, at the Savory Swine, from Beth, Carolyn, Patti and Mary.

• Pastor Kirby Rupp for all his hard work on our 200th anniversary homecoming and all the people that worked on it, from the congregation of Old Union UCC.

• Gayl for cutting the tops out of my trees for me, Della.

• the two people who stopped and helped me when my car burned.

• Columbus Police Department for patrolling Fall Valley Drive and other areas in the neighborhood, from Wade.

• Kristie at Southern Indiana Heart and Vascular for her kindness and helpfulness in rescheduling my procedure, from C.J. Webb.

• Sally for her great letter to the editor.

• Michelle at Bartholomew County Public Library for her computer help, from a grateful patron.

• Paula at Center Street Laundromat for helping for five hours.

• Gov. Mike Pence for making Indiana look good during the debate.

Onions to …

• people who don’t understand money that you spend in a business is spent, so giving a gift card or store credit is a very savvy business move.

• the city and tax free organizations increasing competition with private rental property owners who pay high, non-exempt property taxes.

• having to register your chickens with the state when you don’t even have to register your cat or dog.

• the mobile home park for cursing at tenants.

• the state for not maintaining the horse trails at a state park.

Happy Birthday to …

• Tiffany Bailon, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Alma Campbell, from Ohmer.

• Steve Marlin, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Damon Broady.

• Andy Luederman.

• Cathryn Simmons.

• Jesse Lopez.

• Steven Lopez.

• Jennifer Hayes, from your coworkers.

• Leslie Stubblefield, from Mammaw, Pappaw Freeman, Rita, Karen, Debbie, Wayne, Cliffton and the rest of the family.

• Emily Duke, from your daughters of Isabella Sisters.