Around Town – October 15

Orchids to …

• Ray Bradbury for creating the fountain at First Christian Church.

• people who are helping our economy by checking that food and anything else they buy does not come from China or Mexico, only the USA.

• LeeAnn Turner for being such a strong, unselfish lady who is always doing for her family.

• Night Owl Country Band for all your hard work and for sharing your incredible talent locally and overseas, from one of your biggest fans.

• CCC Singles, Ark Christian bookstore in Eastbrook Plaza, Major’s True Value Hardware in Hope and Community Downtown for collecting coats for us, from Salvation Army captains Alan and Jodi Sladek.

• rational people who understand men who are truly strong and masculine don’t need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful.

• Julie Ridgley for being such a kind and efficient mail carrier all year, from the Malanoskis.

• Lee Hamilton for being a better presidential candidate than the ones we have this election year.

Onions to …

• the city for spending $2 million just to widen sidewalks on State Street.

• the thief who stole my friend’s wallet at the grocery store. 

• the local restaurant owner who does not provide a restroom for customers.

• people who don’t realize how women talk privately to other women.

• people who don’t mind their own business and try to start trouble with lies.

• landlords who use harmless animals to evict tenants.

• the people who have a huge yard but leave their dogs chained up on the side of their house near the front where the dogs can see everything and bark 24/7.

• those who divert attention from the State Street project and taking back downtown, and do nothing to improve State Street and East Columbus.

• the technician at the lab who asked what church I went to.

• those who don’t understand the term “progressive party,” means they decide who deserves your hard-earned money.

• those who think manhood is measured by vulgarity.

• people in Everroad East who think cyclists deserve special consideration when they have the same rules of the road as vehicles.

• the doctor’s office that takes a week to call in or fax in a prescription when their answering machine message says 24 hours.

• society for having to pay people to ring the bell for The Salvation Army.

• person or persons who stole a bag of groceries from an elderly lady’s porch.

• people who support the Republican nominee, from an informed and intelligent Democrat.

• people who think there is no locker room talk but have never been in a high school, college or serviceman’s locker room.

• women who are gullible enough to believe that most men have never talked dirty with other men.

• the county’s treatment of Housing Partnerships.

Happy Birthday to …

• Penny Stroup, from your family, Georgina and Donna.

• Tommy East, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Joseph Sweet and Matthew Sweet from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Tina Stephens

• Penny Stroup

• Stan Bock

• Michael Stone

• Bobbie Henderson

• Kelli Acton Drane

• Carol Kirk from Joe, Lisa, Casey, Chris, Baby Owen, Tyler and Emily.

• Maci Bennett from Mom.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bob and Nena Walls and Skyler and Jessica Morrow, from friends at the Moravian church.

• Jessica and Skyler Morrow, from Mason, Mom and Stephanie.

• Belated anniversary wishes to

• Wayne and Betty Pluris, from John Tinkey.