Court news – October 16

James M. Allessi, 50, Fayetteville, Ohio, and Deborah Ann Watters, 56, Fayetteville, Ohio.

Joshua Wesley Robinson, 32, Clairmont Court, and Linh Dieu Tran, 32, Clairmont Court.

Bethany Renee Howard, 23, South County Road 150W, and Brandon Michael Cole, 23, South County Road 150W.

Stephanie Anne Shupryt, 25, Kensington Court, and Paul Joseph Sciutto, 25, Fox Hollow Court.

Kyle Shane Stout, 30, Taylorsville, and Kendra Ann Lovett, 28, Taylorsville.

Donald Barton Gibbins, 59, Pennsylvania Street, and Susan Faye Roberts, 53, Pennsyvlania Street.

Thomas Delano Barrett II, 42, Hope, and Jessica Ann Walker, 27, Hope.

Sierra Marie Butler, 22, Adkins Street, and Samantha Mae Palmer, 24, Adkins Street.

Ashley Michelle Collins, 25, Indianapolis, and Shane Alan Pool, 29, Hutchins Avenue.

Jordan Matthew Miller, 24, Oneida Court, and Sara Geralyn Smith, 22, Oneida Court.

Charlie Nicholas Hirsch, 30, McCullough Lane, and Anna Chase Lamont, 30, McCullough Lane.

Perwez Akhtar, 31, Peartree Court, and Jagriti De, 31, Peartree Court.

Brianna Rachelle Dora, 26, Hope, and Charles Ray Fields, 25, Hope.

Alyssa Jordon Kinder, 21, Bunting Lane, and Dustin Tyler Dykes, 26, Bunting Lane.

Terry L. Riesel Jr., 35, Bayview Drive, and Sara A. Merchanthouse, 33, Bayview Drive.

Julia Anne Carlson, 49, Timbercrest Drive, and James Scott Schlueter, 56, Frontenac, Missouri.

Ryan Thomas Willard, 26, 25th Street, and Brandy Shanice Dowdy, 24, 25th Street.

Arti Ashley Narsinghani, 28, Lapwing Drive, and Ronak Amrish Parikh, 29, Chicago.

Elicia Foster, 27, Edinburgh, and Josh Everroad, 27, Edinburgh.

Jon Leroy Deckard, 26, Seymour, and Elizabeth Lorraine Arroyo, 25, Country Brook Street.

Alejandro Alamilla, 23, Golden Maize Drive, and Guadalupe Morales Europa, 35, Indianapolis.

Stephen Ray Zook, 58, Rosewood Lane, and Melanie Joy Ramsey, 60, Rosewood Lane.

Kody John Newton, 19, 28th Street, and Kristina Dawn Fear, 18, 28th Street.

Charles Wade Lyons, 19, Smith Street, and Kiana Lyn Bennitt, 19, Smith Street.

Brent Eric Perry, 21, North Lincoln Drive, and Chantel Marie Pedigo, 19, North Lincoln Drive.

Andrew Robert Krueger II, 24, 17th Street, and Montanna Marie Link, 22, 17th Street.

Nathaniel Lee Watkins, 20, 16th Street, and Emmery Leann Doty, 19, 16th Street.

Matthew Derek Weeks, 22, Carterville, Illinois, and Bailey Brianna Merritt, 23, West Georgetown Road.

Clinton Scott Bradley, 41, San Jose, California, and Ekaterina Vladimirovna Fokina, 30, San Jose, California.

Jeremy Travis Moore, 36, Cottage Avenue, and Laura Elena Ramos Diaz, 27, Cottage Avenue.

Amber Nicole Hancher, 24, 14th Street, and Dayton Alexander Owsley, 25, 14th Street.

Jose Abel Quiroz Gonzalez, 35, Rosedale Drive, and Mayra Aguilar Castillo, 30, Rosedale Drive.

Bradley Ray Ford, 44, Sixth Street, and Abby Brook Walden, 43, Sixth Street.

Woody Dean Bryant, 37, Clifford, and Jessica Lynn Winget, 33, Miller Street.

Amberly Hannah Hawes, 22, Taylorsville, and Jonathan David Tappe, 24, Taylorsville.

Michael Sean Runnels, 28, Conestoga Trail, and Christina Louise Lloyd, 25, Conestoga Trail.

Perry Dee Cloyd, 59, Hope, and Tracey Ann Thomas, 57, Home Avenue.