Letter: What ‘fought for his country’ really means

From: John W. Tilford


The preponderance of Marines place country over self. Some reverse those priorities.

“Marine” was a common word in Todd Young’s primary campaign. Now his campaign ads state Todd “fought for his country in the Marine Corps.” Todd served honorably in the Navy Reserve, obtained an appointment to the Naval Academy, and upon graduation chose to accept his commission in the Marine Corps. All these actions, on face value, are laudable.

However, Todd’s five years of peacetime service barely satisfied the minimum time requirement of his academy education. His stateside assignments in no way shape or form support the statement “fought for his country in the Marine Corps.” For Todd, the Marine Corps was a safe and secure stepping-stone, touched for the briefest possible time.

Hoosier Marines fought for their country in battles such as Fallujah, Iraq; Garmsir, Afghanistan; north into Iraq during Operation Desert Storm; Panama; Grenada; Beirut; Khe Sanh and Huế, Vietnam; Chosin and Inchon, Korea; and yes, there are a few left who fought in Peleliu and Iwo Jima. Perhaps Todd’s campaign staff could show enough respect to ask those Marines what “fought for his country in the Marine Corps” really means.