Letter: Don’t let Trump’s 11-year-old remarks color your vote

From: Lisa Deaton


Frustrated, confused, sad, irritated, concerned — just to name a few emotions I feel when I think about those that I love, respect and look up to and how off base they are in regards to voting for Donald Trump. I would not deny that I, too, am not happy that Donald Trump would say so many inappropriate things whether in private or not. But let me remind you that you without sin can throw the first stone. Really, 11 years ago, you are ready to hide your daughters and granddaughters? But you are not worried about your entire family when you think about Hillary Clinton? Let’s put things in perspective.

1. “I will get the NRA shut down for good if I become president. If we can ban handguns, we will do it.” Hillary Clinton interview with the Des Moines Register Aug. 8, 2015. But let us not focus on this!

2. How about Clinton and taxes? Income tax increase, $350 billion; business tax increase, $275 billion; fairness tax increase, $400 billion, to name a few. Visit atr.org/full-list-hillary-s-planned-tax-hikes. But let us not focus on this!

3. Benghazi and four dead Americans. Telling the truth should be on the top of your list of qualifications for president, at least most of the time. A video killed these Americans, really? I don’t feel confident that those I love and respect will be better served or protected under the leadership of a second President Clinton. But let us not focus on this!

4. Supreme Court justices are gold in the pocket to either side and should be at the top of your list of protected freedoms because that is exactly what they represent. Freedom or loss thereof. But let us not focus on this!

5. The nation is hanging Trump up to dry over comments dated 11 years ago but what about Hillary? 1974 — Watergate era chief of staff fired for lies and unethical behavior. 1990s — As first lady she was questioned for unethical behavior for both Whitewater and Travelgate scandals per New York Times. Current — As Secretary of State, millions of donations from Arab countries to her foundation. Not a conflict of interest? Whether it is appropriate or not to have a private server, I would like to think that someone who has been in office, in various positions over 30 years, would have enough common sense to know that top secret means top secret. But let us not focus on this!

What does it take for you to understand that Trump may not be the most perfect candidate for president but Clinton is absolutely not worth the risk she is to this country? Will your vote be focused on Trump’s last 30 years or Clinton’s?