Around Town – October 25

• EDITOR’S NOTE: Noon Friday is the deadline for submitting election-related Orchids and Onions, which will be published Saturday. Election-related Orchids and Onions will return after the Nov. 8 general election.

Orchids to …

• Kathy Rudd for her hard work in making our family reunion a great one.

• the well-written letter to the editor by Lisa Deaton concerning the election that had lots of good points, from someone who agrees with all that she said.

• the former elected official and followers for reminding the residents of Columbus every day the wisdom of voting for a change in leadership style.

• Michelle Ellis, for being there for me when I needed someone the most, for not judging me while you helped me and going out of your way in your busy schedule to do so.

• everyone who sent nominations, cards, gifts or flowers, and thanks for being my friends and supporters, from Barb Johnson.

• Jarrad Mullis and Chris Owens for representing the Firemen’s Cheer Fund at the hospital volunteer fall luncheon, from Kay Shanks.

• Angela and Hilton Garden Inn for the wonderful buffet and dessert bar and beautiful accommodations for the hospital volunteer fall luncheon, from Kay Shanks.

• FOX News for giving “fair and balanced” accounts of what each presidential candidate stands for.

• Martha Bland and Reba Barnsfather, all the girls who helped at the door and everyone who helped make the Arvin reunion marvelous.

• all the wonderful people, Chris Rutan, the Vance Family singers and all who supported the community revival on South Mapleton Street last weekend, from Bishop Bob Vance.

• the female Indiana State Police trooper for stopping and changing a flat tire for the woman broken down on the side of Interstate 65 Friday evening.

• my caring neighbor Rosa Veal for all the help you have given me this past month, from Betty T.

• everyone who helped in any way with the 26th annual chicken noodle dinner Saturday, from members of Hartsville United Methodist Church.

• Michael Greven for the well-written letter.

• the highway department for removing deceased animals from the roadway.

• the Bob Vance family and Chris Rutan and family for a successful revival.

• the man on the motorcycle who didn’t hit the woman in the gold car who accidentally pulled out in front of him Sunday afternoon.

• Lisa Deaton and Arnold Krause for letters to the editor that were true and informative, from a Trump fan.

Onions to …

• the church pastor and staff who abuse their budget and seem interested in personal gain.

• the two major political parties for the lousy choices of presidential candidates we have this election year.

• people who think the Democratic presidential nominee will be good for this country.

• the school that sent students door-to-door early Sunday morning collecting cash for school supplies with no identification, written information about the fundraiser or receipts, leading homeowners to believe it is a scam.

• The Republic for not having a Man of the Year award.

• county officials who force two complete shifts of officers to work 12-hour shifts on weekends allowing the remaining shift to have weekends off.

• previous and current elected officials and their supporters for the childish banter between the two and making a joke of a great city.

• The Republic for a 20-page newspaper Friday, seven of which were ads.

• The Republic for the picture of the girl playing volleyball.

• local restaurant for not acting on my music request even though I asked nicely three times.

• nosy Democrats.

• those who created the Social Security raise that isn’t very good.

• anyone who can vote for the Republican presidential nominee.

• The Republic for not putting the Social Security raise in the paper.

• anyone who could vote for the GOP presidential and vice presidential nominees.

• all drivers who honk their horns and pass cautious new drivers who are trying to learn the rules of the road.

• the people who brought the barking, unruly, non-service dog into the store.

• self-righteous people who would vote for a Democrat who would take away our religious freedom.

Happy Birthday to …

• Tressa Blanton, from your family and Donna.

• Henry Meredith, from Eric, Sarah, Michael, Heather and Nolan.

• Pat Haymaker.

• Belated Wishes to…

• Virginia Finley, Sandra Dosterglick, Martha Sebastian, Debbie DeWeese, Elizabeth Baker and Estolle Gross, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Hunter Durham, on No. 18, from Mom.

• James Blair from his granddaughter Sara.

• Naomi Collyer, on No. 85, from Ron, Cheryl, Cedric, Solomon, all your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews, Pam and Ronn.

• Ada Williams, from her family and friends.

• Dale Goddard from Tom and Judy.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ray and Darlene Bryant from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Ben and Nicole Boyer, from Mom.

ANOTHER beautiful morning