Around Town – October 26

• EDITOR’S NOTE: Noon Friday is the deadline for submitting election-related Orchids and Onions, which will be published Saturday. Election-related Orchids and Onions will return after the Nov. 8 general election.

Orchids to …

• police, firemen and paramedics who came to Glady’s aid when she fell at home.

• Gelfius family for hosting the First Christian Church picnic.

• Kroger bakery for the wonderful cake that looked like a book for our son’s birthday, from the Wenzlers.

• St. Bartholomew School PTO for the awesome evening of painting fun for our teachers and parents, from two grateful first-grade teachers.

• Timothy and Betsy Sproessig for taking three people with disabilities to a picnic on Sunday.

• Jane Sullivan, owner of Garden of Grace Gift Shop on Cottage Avenue, for the beautiful silk floral and wonderful customer service.

• Tammy Johannesen for the fresh fruit tray Friday from the office staff at Richards Elementary School.

• Drs. Lovell and Brown and staff at Columbus Specialty Surgery for the great surgery experience last week, as you all went above and beyond all expectations.

• my neighbor Justin for helping me get my leaves caught up, from Carl, a grateful neighbor.

• Dave and Tammy Miller for the wonderful vacation trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, from Mom and Bill.

• all the Columbus businesses that donated to Columbus Area Down Syndrome support group’s Buddy Walk, from Brandon Boas.

• Dave Miller and all the volunteers who made Hope’s Ghosts, Goblins and Goodies event enjoyable and a success.

• my caring neighbor, Rosa Deal, for all the help you have given me this past month, from Betty T.

• Faith and crew at Texas Roadhouse and Melissa and crew at Thornton’s for supporting our community, from Taylorsville United Church.

• Mike Brinker and his crew at United Way for a fantastic job fixing and painting my fence, from Dave Forest.

Onions to …

• the school that allows frequent stand-ins to take over classes.

• those who can’t understand that a restaurant may not be able to change their musical selection and can’t cater to everyone.

• people who complain about officer shifts when officers on other two shifts can request the Monday-through-Friday shift on Jan. 1, but won’t because they don’t want to miss family activities.

• the city official for thin skin and meanness.

• the local newspaper’s front-page sports coverage of the up-and-down Colts on Monday and nothing on the winning Cubs.

• individuals that walk down the road after dark in dark clothing.

• people responsible for the disgusting volleyball uniforms.

• people who changed the open-pool schedule, upsetting lots of people’s schedules and lives.

• the school secretary who was rude while picking up my child’s fundraiser items.

Happy Birthday to …

• Zeb Fisher, from your family and Donna.

• Darrell Estes from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Bradley Blair from his daughter Sara.

• Virginia Bell from your family and friends.

• Diane Condon from Doug, Courtney, Allen, Jalen, Sarah, Mike, Makayla, Taryn, Brandy, Eric, Dad, Mom and all the family.

Belated Wishes to …

• Dad, from Brad and Tom.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bobby and Judy Newkirk from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.