Letter: Experience makes Rothrock best pick for coroner

From: Dr. Mike Chadwick and Dr. Dave Gregory


We first met Paula Rothrock about 25 years ago. At the time, she was a Columbus police officer. Paula would come to the emergency department to investigate automobile accidents, battery cases and to bring prisoners in for drug screening and treatment. We noticed her compassion and empathy for victims and their families. She also had their respect. Most prisoners showed her respect as well, something we didn’t see much. Paula always seemed upbeat and obviously enjoyed her job.

The emergency department atmosphere enticed her into becoming a registered nurse. Paula became an emergency department nurse about 15 years ago. We observed a competent, confident, inquisitive, hard-working nurse who was always wanting and willing to learn. She compassionately interacted with her patients. She especially gravitated toward sexually and physically abused women. Paula became a certified forensic nurse examiner to better serve that population of patients. She also showed an interest in coroner’s cases arriving through the emergency department. Her law enforcement training obviously had something to do with her interest in those cases.

We believe her law enforcement background, emergency nursing background and forensic nursing experience combined with her compassionate personality make her the most qualified candidate for Bartholomew County coroner.

As previous Bartholomew County coroner and deputy coroner, we endorse Paula Rothrock for Bartholomew County coroner.