Letter: Remembering days gone by

From: Kenneth Landreth


Can you remember when on Saturday night your folks and you drove downtown, parked on Main Street and watched the people walking by on the sidewalk? You knew most of them; they always waved or spoke to you.

Can you also remember:

  • When the doctor came to your house to see you if you were too sick to make it to his office, not because he had to but because you were his patient and he cared for you?
  • When your pastor came to your home on Sunday after church to eat a meal with you and your family?
  • When you knew all your neighbors and most on the block?
  • When you could walk into a store and the clerk would say, “Good morning, how may I help you?”
  • When your home only had a skeleton key lock that anyone could open, but didn’t?
  • When you pulled into a gas station and the attendant put the gas in your car, checked the oil, washed your windshield, even checked the air in your tires if you asked?

Yes, those are the days I can remember and hope you do also. Those days are gone; will they ever return?