Letter: Rothrock committed to compassionate coroner’s office

From: Sharon Krieg


I appreciate Christopher Imel admitting he does not know coroner candidate Paula Rothrock — but he should. She has been publicly vocal about the need to not only avoid conflict of interest but the appearance of conflict of interest. The public has the right to fair, unbiased investigations of death scenes. She was in full agreement with the law when the state legislature began discussion.

A few other things Mr. Imel may want to know about Paula Rothrock before he makes his final decision on voting. She is adamant that the coroner’s office should work under strict policies and procedures. Having them in place ensures every case, every time receives the same thorough investigation that is required. That also ensures all the deputies are held to the same level of knowledge and responsibility.

I would question Mr. Imel’s thought concerning the amount of deaths within the hospital versus those that law enforcement has involvement. Who investigated deaths in this community of people who have died while in police custody, being pursued by police or related to law enforcement officers. That is one reason why Paula Rothrock will not have law enforcement officers working as deputy coroners.

If Mr. Imel would take the time to ask Paula Rothrock, she would tell him she chose to run when she saw the need for improvements and positive changes. She has worked with the coroner’s office both as a police officer and an emergency nurse. She became concerned about complacency, public discussions regarding death scenes and lack of concern for surviving family members.

Her decision to run was not based on an additional paycheck or a political agenda but rather on caring about her community. I have to admit, Nolting has an impressive educational background and as he puts it, “experience in the autopsy room.” People of Bartholomew County should understand autopsies are not completed by the coroner but by a specialized medical pathologist. His experience involves interaction with students while hers involves the families of loved ones who have passed and need to understand how and why death occurred

It is my hope that the residents of Bartholomew County will look closely at the experience, compassion and commitment to excellence that Paula Rothrock would bring to the Bartholomew County coroner’s office. A positive change for the future is needed and Rothrock can bring that change.