Letter: Plenty of reasons to vote Trump, not Clinton

From: John Paul Jasper


A few reasons to vote for Donald Trump. He wants to:

Reduce tax for the middle class.

Uphold the Constitution by nominating Supreme Court Justices who are conservative, who believe they should follow the Constitution as written and not change it.

Improve the economy and create 25 million new jobs.

Reprioritize existing federal dollars to add more school choice.

Repeal and replace Obamacare. We are finding monthly costs for Obamacare are going up, and deductibles are going up. Health care is more expensive with Obamacare.

Increase the size of the military and provide better care for veterans.

Have any new regulation to remove two existing regulations. Remove regulations that are hurting the economy and job growth.

Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and renegotiate the terms of NAFTA.

Make America energy independent. This will create millions of jobs.

Work on improving cybersecurity.

Redo immigration by ending sanctuary cities, deporting anyone who illegally crosses the border, removing 2 million illegal people involved in drug dealing (such as gang members and killers).

Work with Congress to limit amount of terms they serve.

Support pro-life.

Have peace through strength. He will work with our generals, Arab allies and friends in the Middle East to defeat ISIS.

For more information on Trump’s positions go to donaldjtrump.com/positions.

Hillary Clinton will raise taxes, expand Obamacare, appoint liberal Supreme Court Justices and support abortions at any time. She has used special access as a secretary of state to make money for the Clinton Global Initiative and for herself.