Letter: Mayor overspending, not reaching out to residents

From: Debbie Kramer


I attended a city council meeting on Oct. 18. I went to this meeting because I had some questions concerning the budget. Little did I know that it was going to turn into a circus.

The ring leader (Mayor Lienhoop) had a letter already written prior to the meeting condemning the residents who disagreed with him. I discovered then the council meetings are a waste. Several of the council members meet prior to the meetings to discuss what they will say and how they will vote. This has been going on for several years. Their minds are already made up prior to the public meetings.

If there are no discrepancies in what you are doing, then there would not be any need for requested information that costs the city money. The mayor has said, “The tone starts at the top.” I guess that means showing disrespect, overspending and dishonesty. He rarely reaches out to everyday residents or businesses unless it is to make him look good or a photo op.

When I addressed the mayor at the council meeting for his bullying attacks on the residents, he could not even give me his attention; he would not look me in the eye. He just sat there shuffling through his papers.

Our mayor’s spending while in office is insane. But I understand he has to go on paid trips overseas to bring back companies that we have no employees for. (Let’s fill the jobs we have now before getting more.) I feel he created jobs for people that campaigned and got him elected.