Court news – November 5

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

Allied Collection Service vs. Janet L. Ault, Nashville, $5,711; Bryan Y. Gore, West Deaver Road, $1,887.07; Dara M. Olsen, Briar Ridge Way, $3,698.39; Frankie D. Roseberry, Austin, $1,419.72; Richard S. Sparks, Sycamore Street, $4,232.67; Andrew S. Dover, North Cherry Street, $5,651; Suzanne C. Albertson, Woodlane Drive, $3,213.71; Cassie D. Anderson, Hope, $3,805.16; Matthew C. Artis, Hope, $1,682.84; Rhonda Ballard, Breckenridge Drive, $1,778; Jennifer A. Barbercheck, Coldstream Court, $2,954.05; Donald E. Burton, Martinsville, $1,640.15; and Melissa A. Carie, McClure Road, $2,647.57.Allied Collection Service vs. Jonathan W. Coleman, Edinburgh, $3,187.44; Genevieve Curry, South County Road 875W, $3,337.98; Jayson T. Dunn, Hawcreek Boulevard, $2,576.26; Cortney E. Hagemeier, Franklin, $3,151.48; Joshua Higgins, Clairmont Drive, $3,059.65; John Hudson, Bittersweet Boulevard, $1,168.49; Elizabeth S. Jones, Seventh Street, $2,629.82; and James L. Meece, Nashville, $2,103.96.

Timothy D. Stuckey, doing business as Stuckey’s Rentals, Columbus, vs. Valena Martinez Gonzalez and Eleazar Martinez Gonzalez, Della Road, complaint for damages and unspecified rent.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Jessica Robinson, Pavia Court, $359.70 and eviction; and Jannette Gentry, Nicholas Lane, $813.93 and eviction.

Gary W. Pittman, Columbus, vs. Chevrolet of Columbus, Merchants Mile, $3,561.67.

Scott and Heather Romine, Hope, vs. James and Connie Eaton, Huber Heights, Ohio, $3,910.

Larry Williamson vs. Doug Boston, doing business as Columbus Roofing and Construction, Central Avenue, $ 6,000.

CAH Properties, Nineveh, vs. Darren Rayford, North Gladstone Avenue, $7,750 and eviction.

Joli Rentals vs. Kimberly Gabbard, Franklin Street, $2,594.29 and eviction.

Oliver CS Tzeng, Indianapolis, vs. Amanda Henderson, Pinewood Drive, $1,500 and eviction.

Robert Thompson Jr./Thompson Properties, South Mutz Drive, vs. Brandy Bell, Earls Court, $900 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Evelyn D. Cox, Elizabethtown, $3,653.81; Leslie Ryan Coy, West County Road 1050S, $3,007.57; Ashley M. Downing, Scottsburg, $1,920.59; Brittany Engleking, Wilson Street, $1,804.74; Steven D. Fields, Lamplight Drive, $3,902.91; Aaron J. Gill, Sherman Court, $1,723.62; Daniel J. Hamilton, East County Road 345S, $4,225.87; Audrey Harmon, Nashville, $3,138.41; and Terri A. Henson, Austin, $2,642.25.

Allied Collection Service vs. Jill Horne, Meridian Street, $1,560.66; Amy Jackson, Daugherty Street, $2,967.42; Brent N. Land, Wrenwood Drive, $3,871.87; Shawna T. Lowe, West Becks Grove Road, $3,004.62; Angela K. Mahoney, Hope, $3,299.58; Tosha Markwell, Hope, $3,430.26; Brian Merriman, Eighth Street, $1,379.94; and Jason R. Mills, Taylor Road, $3,135.10.

American Rental, Eastbrook Plaza, vs. Leah Martin, Union Street, $825; Hillary Green, Pavia Court, $800; Tyler Pedrazoli, East Oak Manor, $600; Quanita Bell, Williamsburg Court, $350.

Kimberly J. Hadley, Indianapolis, vs. Robert and Theresa Durham, West Becks Grove Road, complaint for eviction.

Quail Run Apartments vs. Charles Cooper, Erin Drive, complaint for damages and eviction.

Housing Authority of Columbus vs. Amanda Mudd, Pence Avenue, complaint for damages and eviction; and Rebecca Lawless, Pennsylvania Street, $133 and eviction.

Equity Property Management vs. Jennifer Marin, Grand Avenue, $812.91 and eviction; and Gerald and Daphnie Taylor, North Country Brook Court, $1,050.69 and eviction.

Brian Hammack, Bull Run, vs. David and Timothy Piehl, Cleveland Street, $2,950 and eviction.

Quail Run Apartments vs. Veronica Jones, Saylor Drive, complaint for damages and eviction.

DW3 Aarons, North National Road, vs. Joshua Harmon, Gilmore Street, $1,500; and Renee Daniels, Scipio, $1,500.

Robert Williams, Cottage Avenue, vs. Eddie Cottrill, Union Street, $300.

Cormorant Corp., doing business as Bloomfield Apartments, vs. William G. Pedigo, Sims Court, $1,637 and eviction.

Tena Inc. vs. Teresa Brown, South National Road, $1,574.39 and eviction.

Scott Barkes, East County Road 250N, vs. Alex Wells and Anna Holcomb, Westport, $2,279 and eviction.

DEF Rentals, North Newbern Road, vs. Shawn and Kaitlyn Barnes, Eighth Street, $484 and eviction.

Travis and Roger Mouser, Hope Avenue, vs. Samantha Hardy, Wilson Street, $2,150 and eviction.

Westwood Pines vs. Yvonne Napier, Pine Ridge Drive, $550 and eviction.

Arthur A. Phares, Nashville, vs. Delta Faucet Co. and Masco Corp. of Indiana, doing business as Delta Faucet Co., Indianapolis, $5,956.