Columbus man arrested on drug charge in Franklin

Police: Customers called for help after suspect tried to get into cars

A Columbus man who told police he had just used drugs was arrested after his behavior rattled several customers at a Franklin store this week.

Jared N. Bustle, 30, of 9055 Wexford Court, was arrested on charges of possession of a drug-injection device and disorderly conduct after the Thursday evening incident at the store off U.S. 31.

Customers called police, flagged down an officer and said they were scared by a man who was trying to get into vehicles, was behaving oddly and whose pants kept falling down, according to a Franklin police report.

The man had been inside the store at one point, and a mother told police she grabbed her children to keep them safe because the man’s behavior was frightening.

A store employee told police she was afraid to go out to the parking lot because of Bustle’s behavior.

Witnesses told police they suspected the man was on drugs, the police report said.

Police found the man inside a truck with another person, and an officer found a used syringe. Bustle told police it was his, and police found marks on his arm from injecting drugs, the report said. He told police that he had injected heroin and methamphetamine minutes earlier, the report said.

Bustle was taken to the Johnson County jail, where he was held on $2,200 bond.