Around Town – December 14

Orchids to …

• Bob Perdue for fixing my gas stove Sunday, from Linda Mitchell.

• Nancy Banta for her dedication and hard work shown during the “Christmas at Simmons School” program.

• all Hope Elementary students, staff and volunteers who helped make “Christmas at Simmons School” a success, from Barb Johnson.

• Jim Tedder and his crew who worked out details for set-up and tear-down for “Christmas at Simmons School,” from Barb Johnson.

• the inspiring architects and designers who competed in the Exhibit Columbus Miller Prize competition.

• Adam at the Kroger Pharmacy for being so helpful and professional with a prescription issue.

• Bill and Barbara Carr for providing transportation Saturday to a disabled person.

• Columbus Alliance Church for an awesome program and dinner Saturday at Otter Creek Golf Course.

• the good Samaritan at the west side Walmart for paying for the children’s Christmas, from a grateful family.

• carolers from the St. Louis Crossing Independent Methodist Church for a beautiful job.

• Pat at JoAnn Fabrics for the help with my bobbin, from Ginger Bloom.

• Marquitatuck for all the nice things you have done for me, from Rick.

• Jane Seelig and Marquitatuck for taking me to see the Colts play Sunday, from Rick.

• fourth-grade classes at Parkside for being such good art-smart listeners, from Mrs. Gilbert.

• Dr. Hart, nurse Dawn and the rest of the nurses and staff at intensive care unit at Columbus Regional Hospital, from Roger Keller.

• the beautiful Christmas lights on the trees downtown, from C.W.

• Steinmetz Pediatric Dentists for always being amazing to work with.

• carolers from Hope Moravian Church for the beautiful music.

• family that paid for my dinner Monday night at Amazing Joe’s.

Onions to …

• three ladies who came to the open house to scout out their completion and then were rude to the employees.

• the city for classless Christmas decorations downtown.

• whoever is responsible for all the street lights burned out in the parking lot at Taylor Road and 25th Street.

• the administration that has kicked the can down the road for an entire year.

• the store that makes fruit baskets, but does not include a single banana.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sandra Burton and Toshia Burton, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Susan Kloss, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Erin Sullivan.

Happy belated Birthday to …

• Carletta White, from Mark, Mom, Barry, Jess, Nakia, Isabel, Dawson and Emmett.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Dick and Carol Gardner.

• Arthur and Rosie Poynter, on No. 62, with much love from Mom and Dad.