Around Town – December 15

Orchids to …

• the Elks Lodge 521 for providing presents to kids and their families.

• Joseph Critney for his kindness to a disabled person.

• Harmon Construction in North Vernon for helping families at Christmas.

• Scipio Elementary staff for identifying families in need at this time of year without causing embarrassment to them.

• Columbus Optical for the one-hour service getting my glasses, from a grateful customer.

• Noodles and Co. manager Rob Ward for the delicious food at Sunday’s musician meal for the Philharmonic.

• the Notables for volunteering at two Philharmonic holiday concerts Sunday.

• St. Bartholomew Catholic School for its straight A’s report card.

• the very kind and nice manager at Chick-fil-A for going way above and beyond in making the wrong sandwich right Monday, from Pat.

• the lady in the pink jacket at Bob Poynter Jeep for her cheerful and efficient manner, from the lady in the GMC.

• the two young ladies who helped me get out to my car at the mall, from Mary.

• Kim at Wendy’s for giving me the 18 cents I was short on my bill; God bless you.

• the young couple who helped me jump my car in front of Petco Wednesday night; God bless you.

• The Republic’s sports editor for providing us local flavor from Los Angeles in the article about Steve Alford’s success with the UCLA basketball program, as that was appreciated.

• Matt Buzzard for his neighborhood kindness on 12th Street from, Joe and Rita.

• Columbus Industrial Electric for service on my water pump and helping an old man, especially Bill Rennan, and thanks to Helen for the coffee, from Larry Bogard.

• First Presbyterian Church for the older and younger carolers, from residents of The Armory on Franklin Street.

Onions to …

• everyone who forgets how to drive in winter weather from year to year, as you should slow down and get there safe instead of not at all.

• Grinches with nothing better to do than whine and complain about the beautiful and festive holiday decorations downtown.

• people who don’t understand that adding bananas to a fruit basket causes the other fruit to spoil quicker.

• the teacher who parked in the car line as she carried things inside, making it difficult for parents to drop kids off and causing a huge backup and kids to be tardy.

• the delusional “silent majority” letter writer.

• the nonprofit organization that wants to have programs for the community but the same old people are expected to be there and do everything, taking time away from their families.

• the downtown restaurant that stacks up outdoor furniture instead of storing it for the winter.

Happy Birthday to …

• Ashley Gibson and Shelia Simpson, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Judy Wheatley, from Lily and Sandy, and an old friend.

• Brittany Preusz, from Jean Patrick.

• Lauren Smith, on No. 19, from your family.

• Nancy Gilliland, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Kennedy Nading.

• Sam Freeman.

• Hanz Wiedersatz.

• Tracy Fugate.

• Sam Fugate.