Jeff Green teaches multiple classes at Jennings County High School, such as television and information sciences. One of the assignments he gives before the holidays is a short paper entitled, “What I Want for Christmas.”

Many students would list their materialistic wish list that we most often think of when asked what we would like to receive as gifts, but others have a much more sentimental and valuable wish list this year.

One letter writer wrote the following:

“For Christmas, most students want the newest phone or gadget. On the other hand, the main thing I want for Christmas would be to have a healthy family.

“I want to have a good Christmas spending time with my loved ones. Along with that, I would like for everyone to get along and to have a good time together. That would mean more to me than any physical gift. I want the kids that don’t normally get gifts or even necessities to get the things that most people take for granted.

“The most important thing I want for Christmas is for everyone to not take things for granted, give a little more, and enjoy each other’s company since that is the only thing that truly matters in the end.”

Another student had a similar wish list for the holidays, turning in a paper which stated:

“Some people spend the holidays alone, with no one to enjoy the festivities. I am thankful for the people I have in my life, and I want to bring them along with me all the way into the New Year and beyond.

“The people in my life love me for who I am, guide me when I’m lost and lift me up when I’m down. If I had to spend the holidays away from them, I would be lonely and sad. I hope that during the days leading up to Christmas and all the days afterward I will be able to spend time with them.

“Although I do enjoy material objects, nothing would mean more to me than spending time with the people I love. All I want for Christmas is the special people in my life to stay with me.”

With the recent negative political campaigning in the United States and television news reporting on the hatred and division in our country, this is a refreshing take from the generation that is preparing to graduate in a few months. Each and every one of us can learn something valuable from these two individuals and others like them, especially during the holiday season.