COLUMBUS, Indiana — Seven local organizations that have used downtown city banners to raise awareness for their causes will have to find other avenues to spread the word, based on a proposed policy change.

The Columbus Board of Works is scheduled to consider a change in the city’s downtown banner program when it meets at 10 a.m. Tuesday. When the banner program started in the 1990s, it was intended to promote tourism, but parameters broadened over the years, said Robin Hilber, community development programs coordinator with the city.

Banners that recognize certain organizations, anniversaries or causes with a designated awareness month have been approved, but the city has received an increasing number of them, Hilber said. The banner policy, if changed, will no longer allow banners from organizations looking to raise awareness or mark a designated anniversary.

Going forward, banners will have to promote the downtown area, encourage tourism and be event-specific, with installation and removal costs increasing from $125 to $150 under the proposed changes.

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