Around Town – January 12

Orchids to …

• Aadhya for the lovely Bakrichod quilt.

• Linda for caring for a frozen goose.

• Connie Coy for being the best sister around because you’re always there for me, from Irene.

• Mary Shatto at the east-side Walmart, from a regular customer.

• everyone who has helped us in any way since our home burned, from Wade and Margaret Goodin.

• Roger and Nancy Nichter for letting us stay with you, from Wade and Margaret Goodin.

• Chris Jordan for helping me with a home repair crisis, from Mrs. Welch.

Onions to …

• school officials for not realizing that the sun makes it much easier to see black ice.

• the paper delivery person who has not delivered my paper for two days in a row.

• school officials for not calling a two-hour delay when roads were icy and all the schools around us have enough sense to call one.

• those not monitoring the government office parking lot as it is designated for customers only.

• the neighbor who wasted the police’s time reporting my car being parked on the sidewalk.

• liberals for protesting stores and musicians for supporting Republicans.

• the old man who works at the gas station for being unnecessarily rude to customers.

• the diesel truck owner who refused my request to shut off his truck while filling it with fuel even after showing him the stop engine sign on the pump.

• the store for awful craftsmanship and quality on glass phone repairs and not standing behind its warranty when it breaks within 24 hours.

Happy Birthday to …

• Janice Hoevener, from Joe and Kay.

• Lily Retz on No. 10, from Dad, Mom, Katie, Tommi, April, Chris, Braelynn and Grandma.

• Catherine Bunnell Walker, from Mom, Dad and Mary.

• Janice Hoevener, from your family.

• Ann Lucas, from your family and Donna.

• Neal Newell, from your family, Hanner and Donna.

• Shirley Misner, from Ruth, Dick, Charlotte and Nancy.

Happy Birthday to …

• Bob May, from Arnie Burch.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Penny and Joe Stroup, from your family.

• Happy Belated Anniversary to…

• Kenny and Sheila Wadsworth, from Dove Ministries

• Owen and Carol Wilson on No. 71, from your family.

ANOTHER beautiful morning