Around Town – January 14

Orchids to …

• Bush’s Market for the best sausage ever and to Dana Stickans for making it possible for me to enjoy their sausage in Florida, from Mom.

• Milo Smith, for all your hard work in making sure our Columbus North band is representing Columbus at the presidential inauguration, from Linda and Larry Critzer.

• Columbus North Band members and their parents for inspiring pride in the community with their trip to the inauguration.

• Auto Diagnostics for their skilled technicians’ help in fixing my Jeep.

• Overhead Door and the gentleman who helped get my remote fixed.

• Shawna, a tech worker at Kroger Pharmacy, from the Fairington Court residents she has helped so much.

Onions to …

• Columbus for being too concerned about architecture, and having poor customer service at its post office.

• people who don’t realize that sidewalks are for people and not for cars.

• the fast-food restaurant on Jonathan Moore Pike for selling me an inedible salad at lunch.

• the crazy and dangerous piecemeal widening of Carr Hill Road and the lack of impact fees for developers.

• the city for not adequately planning for train traffic back when the Front Door project was designed years ago.

• people who sit around looking for stuff to gripe about when they should mind their own business.

• the local doctor’s office that shuts its phone off half an hour before office hours end.

• drivers who make others breathe diesel fuel fumes because they don’t follow pump rules at the gas station.

Happy Birthday to …

• Ethan Davis, from Mom, Dad, Katie, Sam and the rest of your family.

• Julie Hoene, from Joe and Kay.

• Hetty Bateman, from your family, Sarah and Donna.

• Ethan Davis, from Pat, Mike and family.

• Zaida Rivera, from Aunt Carla.

• Shirley Elgar, from Margaret and the girls.

Belated wishes to …

• Mike Debaun and Mike Ketron, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jamie Sneed.

• Brooke McKinney.

• Michael Dean.

• Jonas Fleenor.

• Jane Sturgin.