Court news – January 22

Small Claims filed

Exit 76 Antique Mall, Edinburgh, vs. Rick Cheek, Edinburgh, $560.71.Shadow Creek Homeowners Association vs. Blaine N. Bornell, Middle View Drive, $1,009.70; Elizabeth J. Johnson, Lakestream Drive, $813.42; Nathalie A. Stanley, Lakestream Drive, $776.36; Chen Yu and Yujoa Kou, Lakestream Drive, $997.16; Rebecca S. Wagner, Creekstone Drive, $989.31; Brian M. Peek, Rolling Knoll Lane, $966.53; Matthew Wade and Gwen Marie Bond, Rolling Hill Court, $5,188.23; and Leslie Merrill, Lakestream Drive, $815.06.

Charleston Square Apartments vs. Reggie K. Booker and Jennifer A. Nichols, Charleston Place, $444.

Housing Partnerships Inc. vs. Nicole Woodard, Kevin Drive, $960.

Marquita Howe, Seventh Street, vs. Joshua and Charity Taylor Stam, Chestnut Street, complaint for damages and eviction.

Janice Bass, State Street, vs. Anthony Sherman, Beam Road, $1,590 and eviction.

Bloomfield Apartments vs. Anessia R. Anderson, Sims Court, $1,905 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Eric D. Brashears, Union Street, $5,990.24; Jamie D. Brown, Greensburg, $3,643.42; Mandy L. Brown, Fall Valley Drive, $3,762.71; Toby R. Burton, 13th Street, $4,994.34; Jennifer Calloway, North Talley Road, $1,303.65; Patricia A. Coleman, Lafayette Avenue, $4,448.47; Craig N. Cox, West County Road 50N, $2,264.20; and Russell E. England, Parkway Drive, $2,256.22.

Allied Collection Service vs. William M. Hardin, South Sprague Road, $907.09; Melissa L. Harvey, Whitestown, $1,319.21; Randy Willard, Edinburgh, $1,761.46; Gregory L. Armuth, West County Road 500N, $1,283.79; Ronald D. Ballard, Fall Valley Drive, $3,411.98; Aaron N. Burton, Clifty Drive, $1,606.18; and Melissa R. Henry, Shelbyville, $5,529.23.

Dissolutions of Marriage filed

Ashley Natole, Shadow Bend Drive, vs. Anthony Natole, Pinebrook Court, married March 17, 2013, separated Nov. 11, 2016.Kathryn M. Springhorn, Carolina Street, vs. Jeffrey A. Springhorn, Bartholomew County, married July 30, 1994, separated Dec. 19, 2015.

Timothy E. Hammack, Cottage Avenue, vs. Trina F. Hammack, Indianapolis, married Oct. 13, 1997, separated Oct. 23, 2016.

Benigna Rodriguez Adorno, Bartholomew County, vs. Jose Juan Jimenez Ramirez, Bartholomew County, married May 29, 2001, separated 2007, three children.

Holly Oak, Columbus, vs. James Oak, Columbus, married March 5, 2005, separated Dec. 19, 2016, two children.

Langston Burghardt Coffey Scott, Bartholomew County, vs. Mariam Nakyobe, Columbus, married Dec. 31, 2015, separated Oct. 31, 2016.

Melissa Marie Snovelle, Jonesville, vs. Johnny Lee Snovelle, Jonesville, married Dec. 10, 2004, separated June 1, 2016.

Lisa A. Bennett, Breckenridge Drive, vs. Dustin Tony Bennett, Wallace Avenue, separated June 4, 2016.

Terry Bewley, Columbus, vs. Michael Bewley, Columbus married Aug. 10, 1985, no separation date available.

Cande Lee Michelle Elkins, Ruddick Avenue, vs. Gregory Otis Elkins, Bartholomew County, married Nov. 7, 2012, separated Sept. 1, 2016.