When organizers first dreamed of the idea of a local “Dancing With the Stars Columbus Style” fundraiser, playing off the popular TV competition, who would have thought than in its first nine years the event would raise more than $500,000?

But with $80,000 coming in from a Jan. 14 fundraiser at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, it has done exactly that. The latest edition of the fundraiser attracted about 1,000 people to its two shows — a matinee and evening performance, both with a “Hollywood Nights” theme.

Family School Partners and Children Inc., two United Way agencies that help children and parents, and the designated beneficiaries of the proceeds, have shared more than $530,000 in donations since the event began. That’s an impressive figure, and a lot of money to help two worthy organizations accomplish their goal of assisting local residents.

Such fundraising success is possible because of the hard work and generosity of local “celebrity” dancers and their dance partners, and because of all of their friends and other supporters who dig in to support this cause by donating money or volunteering their time to help. Take a bow.

The result has been a popular and entertaining fundraiser that supports an important purpose added to the list of causes that local residents consider important and support enthusiastically.

“Dancing With the Stars Columbus Style” is something of which the community can be proud.