Letter: Temporary travel ban needed to keep Americans safe

From: Arnold Krause


Our country is having a national debate on immigration about who and how many, from which countries, should we allow to immigrate here. For the last decade we have been fighting radical Islamic terrorists who have vowed to kill Americans and anyone who does not believe in Islam.

It is time that Americans become educated on our immigration policies and re-evaluate if we need to make changes. I believe these videos will forever change the way you view immigration:

We are living in a violent time, with radical Islamic terrorists’ bombings and killings of innocent non-believers of Islam in Muslim countries. Many European countries have experienced terrorist attacks, from Muslim refugees they allowed to enter their countries without adequate vetting.

Many of the seven mainly Muslim countries, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, will not have visas issued for 90 days until they can be extremely vetted since databases or records to verify who these people are or if they have criminal records are available. This action is for the safety of the American citizens and to prevent similar terrorist attacks like we have seen in France, Germany, Spain and other European countries.

Our immigration should be studied to determine how many and who we should admit and if they will assimilate into our culture and not just continue their culture if it does not agree with ours, for example, Sharia Law vs. our constitutional law.