Sometimes an individual incident or changing circumstance triggers an opportunity to re-examine how something is done by applying outside-the-box thinking. Board members of The Commons are taking such an approach now.

The indoor playground at The Commons, featuring the Luckey Climber, will soon be due for another round of repairs. That’s not unusual for a nearly six-year-old, hands-on playground that is one of Columbus’ most popular and most-used attractions for children and families.

What has triggered the new discussion is $17,000 in damage caused to three pieces in the toddler area. That’s not a cheap repair, and something the board doesn’t want to be facing on a regular basis.

To its credit, the Commons Board is taking a broader approach to address its feature attraction inside The Commons by beginning to outline and develop a master plan for the playground.

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“What we need to do is find the best solution for what equipment is fun for the kids, safe for the kids and the most easy to maintain,” said Sherry Stark, a lifetime Commons Board member.

The board will solicit public input as part of the strategic process. Being inclusive about a favorite community amenity is wise, and the board’s public meeting at 11:30 a.m. April 19 in the Xenia Miller Conference Room at The Commons is a good opportunity for members of the public to share suggestions.

As the master plan is developed, stakeholders will assess how much of a financial investment is needed, and then go about ways to raise the necessary funds.

Commons Board members are using a logical, well-thought-out, inclusive approach in developing a master plan for the indoor playground. That sets the stage for a sound solution.