Around Town – February 24

Orchids to …

• every well-wisher who supported and stood up against the hateful and biased incident that happened with our son.

• those actively voicing their support of independent redistricting because democracy suffers when we gerrymander a state to hear only one voice.

• St. Peter’s Lutheran for hosting the mental health Stigma Free Congregations conference.

• the Bartholomew County Public Library for its dedication to helping patrons and for all the programs and activities they offer.

• Becky Meyer for going well above and beyond in helping us when we purchased a car for our daughter.

• the Columbus East wrestlers who went to state, Cayden Rooks who was a first-place winner and the East coach and staff.

• Roger Keller for always supporting me, from Jerry Jones.

• Michelle and Noah from Lowe’s who helped me and my husband get what we needed, because without them, we may not have been able to handle it.

• the nice young lady at the local Internal Revenue Service office who helped me this morning get my tax problem straightened out.

• Gelfius Farms for a state-of-the-art CAFO.

• Jarod Buchta for receiving straight A’s and earning a place on the dean’s list at IUPUI’s Kelley School of Business.

• Keith and the First Choice Siding crew for a fast and great job on our roof, guttering and leaf guards, from the Riches.

• The Republic for having the daily Take Your Best Shot and to all those who take time to share their interesting and enjoyable photos.

• Patricia March for her thoughtful letter to the editor.

Onions to …

• those who still support the previous president who doubled the national debt for nothing.

• the fast-food chain that blames their employees for eating $4,000 worth of food a month.

• the people who have forced me to pick up cigarette butts out in my yard with a pair of tongs.

• those who worry more about refugees who lost their homes than Americans who are homeless.

• those who think we are stuck with the current administration for four years when impeachment is possible.

• neighbors who put up security cameras and point them at their neighbors and not at security points.

• the person in the Volvo driving dangerously fast in a neighborhood Thursday morning while kids were walking and riding bikes to school.

• organizations that put forth a liberal agenda while purporting to be nonpartisan.

• those who are too ignorant to understand that the “right to assemble” is completely different from destroying public and private property, interfering with transportation or acts of violence on innocent bystanders.

Happy Birthday to …

• Cindy Poland, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Betty Lou Pittman, from Elsie.

• Lucas Hoffman.

• Leah Sneed.

• Josh Bontrager.

• Phillip Sterett.

• Elijah Elkins.

• Alicia Bragg.

• Julie Jordan Collins, from Royce and all the four-legged kids.

• Sarah Goldman, from Browns Corner Chapel Church.

• Mary Moody, from Mike, children, grandchildren and family.

• Judy Murphy, from your brother, Bill.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Olene Williams, from Jimmy and Shannon Lee, Bayleigh Williams, Mary Williams and Mark and Michele Williams.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Michael and Teresa Robinette.

• Darell and Mae Jessee on No. 53, from your family and friends.