Court news – March 4

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

Allied Collection Service vs. Susanne M. Cavanaugh, Shiloh Drive, $1,925.67; Alishia D. Day, Cleveland Street, $5,628.16; Robert P.Drake, Harrison Drive, $4,921.58; Ronda S. Burton, West County Road 200S, $1,557.74; David Castillo, Sims Court, $4,068.01; Stacey S. Cheek, McKinley Avenue, $1,427.74; William Conrad, North Vernon, $5,624.27; Mark Crain, Desoto Way, $4,106.29; Michael R. Day, Maple Street, $1,859.90; Jessica M. Lanning, Crothersville, $1,783.65; Roy R. Mace II, South Becks Grove Road, $1,446.96; Dannon L. Mayfield, Salzburg Boulevard, $2,197.54; Morgan McGovern, 10th Street, $3,885; Charles A. Mee, Hope, $3,412.54; Jessica Mize, East Highland Court, $1,723.30; Joanna M. Monroe, Lee Street, $3,664.58.Joli Rentals, East Base Road, $2,515.34; Prentice and Sarah Henderson, 16th Street, $863.74; Jessica and Richard Shipley, Elizabethtown, $2,240.19; and Robin Collins, Patterson Road, $2,266.82.

American Rental, Eastbrook Plaza, vs. Naomi Harris, Sims Court, $1,500; Jesse Goodpaster, McKinley Avenue, $1,500; Brittanie Tames, Cardinal Lane, $1,500; Darryl Lowery, Sims Court, $1,500 and damages; Devin Belcher, Jewell Street, $1,500 and damages; and Taylor Schrink, Antler Court, $750.

Southwestern Bartholomew Water Corp. vs. Joseph and Pamela Siefert, Columbus, $73.84.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. David Arnold, 27th Place, $1,676.61 and eviction.

Coriden, Glover LLC, vs. Linda Vanosdol, Holton, $736.83; and Evon Pruitt, Lakecrest Drive, $459.

Homestead Mobile Home Park vs. Ana Ortega and Jetzy Bello, Hope, complaint for damages and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Michael L. Moore, Wallace Avenue, $2,712.50; Christy J. Acton, Fairview Drive, $2,096.97; Tammy Michelle Adams, South County Road 525W, $5,867.66; Jerrica Anderson, River Road, $1,794.93; Tammie A. Baker, Edinburgh, $3,853.48; Duane E. Barker, Elizabethtown, $4,010.07; William E. Barnhart, East County Road 265N, $4,090.62; Megan Batton, West County Road 300S, $2,875.73; and Gary L. Brooks, Versailles, $1,245.

Allied Collection Service vs. Kristi S. Buickel, Woodcrest Drive, $3,939.55; Krystyna Carter, Park View Drive, $3,505.33; Kathy D. Hernandez, Elizabethtown, $4,761.15; Michelle L. Buchanan, Eighth Street, $3,455.24; David M. Buchanan, North Vernon, $2,734.03; Danny Burton, Central Avenue, $4,626.63; and Gavin Caesar, Elizabethtown, $5,609.01.

Matthew M. Lewellen, Sims Drive, vs. Kelly M. Mitchner, Sims Drive, complaint for eviction.

KD Rentals, Nashville, vs. Danielle Ford Kolusch, Fourth Street, $1,500 and eviction.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance vs. Jonathan and Mark Foster, Arrowhead Lane, $3,959.69.

Tena Inc. vs. Marsha Fields, Garden Street, $2,037.57 and eviction.

Equity Property Management vs. Ida Sanjuan and Troy Matthews, Grand Avenue, $725 and eviction.

John Taulman, Sawin Drive, vs. Roy Brandenburger, Sycamore Street, $1,250 and eviction.

Paul Bixler, West County Road 200N, vs. Sheryl Baker and Jeffrey Cookson, Hope, $1,850 and eviction.

McIntyre Properties, Newton Street, vs. Melinda Anderson, Elm Street, $1,585 and eviction.

Cambridge Square Apartments vs. Terry S. Cheek, Cambridge Court, complaint for eviction.

Heritage Heights Mobile Home Park vs. Brenda Erwin and Charles Hilderbrand, Fremont Drive, $399 and eviction.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie PC, vs. Anthony A. Graffa, West Mount Healthy Road, $962.42.

Centra Credit Union vs. Tammie Wagner, Sixth Street, $2,308.43; and Robin Tyner, Middle View Drive, $4,652.09.

Jamie Rose, 25th Street, vs. Treven N. Rose and Libby J. Henningsen, 25th Street, $1,835 and eviction.

Patton Management vs. Carol Morris, Prairie Drive, $10,60 and eviction.

Ernest Armstrong, 25th Street, vs. Mark Williams, Buckingham Drive, $5,600.

Brent Clifford, State Road 46 West, vs. Shaun D. Elkins, North County Road 500W, $3,350.

Travis Mouser, Hope Avenue, vs. Laura Olds and Dustin Sizemore, McKinley Avenue, $650 and eviction.

Ki Ruf, 25th Street, vs. Christopher D. Castetter, Miami Drive, complaint for eviction.

Nienaber Properties/Angela Nienaber, Elizabethtown, vs. Michael White and Tammy Cook, Chestnut Street, $960 and eviction.

Joli Rentals vs. Rob Smith, Taylorsville, $1,839.49 and eviction.

KD Rentals, Nashville, vs. Jessica Hoyes, Keller Avenue, $1,100 and eviction.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie PC, vs. Christa M. VonHoene, Seymour, $1,794.82; Shawn VanArsdale, 17th Street, $2,053.45; Kimberly D. Gatten, North County Road 150W, $505.25; Timothy James Shevlin, Brownstown, $631.02; Patricia L. McClendon, Fairlawn Drive, $3,701.95; JoAnn C. Self, 25th Street, $4,596.89; and Josh H. Kreisher, Edinburgh, $1,585.52.

Scott Strietelmeier, 25th Street, vs. Tim and Kim Mathis, Hope, eviction and undetermined damages.

Business Consulting and Collection Services vs. Eric Edwards, East Oak Manor, $1,398.59.

Alan L. Whitted vs. James Padgett, Madisonville, Kentucky, $1,818.58.

C&F Willowood LLC vs. Devin Belcher and Brittanie Tames, Cardinal Lane, $1,173.22 and eviction.

Housing Authority of Columbus vs. Brandon and Wanda Pickett, Pence Avenue, complaint for damages and eviction; and Karen Rodgriguez, Pence Avenue, complaint for eviction.

Linda M. Knight, Columbus, vs. Richard Rowing, East Clover Street, $2,040.

Amber Mason, Pearl Street, vs. Mike Harris, Columbus, $950.

Mike Harris, Columbus, vs. Amber Mason, Pearl Street, $650 and eviction.

Dennis R. and Debra L. Christian, Columbus, vs. Richard Shell, Columbus, complaint for eviction.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie PC, vs. Tyler D. Burke, West County Road 300S, $1,816.84; and Jeremy and Janice Hoeltke, State Road 46 East, $4,845.37.

Mark King, East County Road 400S, vs. Jason Maier, North Marr Road, and Rose Games, Freetown, $1,725.

Ernest Stone, Washington Street, vs. Olivia Tam, Hope, $2,300 and eviction.

Phillip Doup, Sycamore Street, vs. William Dixon, Washington Street, $600 and eviction.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Stephanie Elkins, Village Drive, $1,092.26 and eviction.

New World Collections Inc. vs. Jennifer Hadley, Hope, $427.41.

IN Receivables Inc., Indianapolis, vs. Tammy Rigney, Salzburg Boulevard, $763.34.

Lincoln Village Cooperative vs. Tara Sluder, North Lincoln Village Drive, $400 and eviction.

Charleston Square Apartments vs. Bradford Kendrick and Amanda Patton, Charleston Place, complaint for eviction.

JBS Rentals-Janeen M. Sprague Rentals, Second Street, vs. Rudy Marshall, Lafayette Avenue, $1,485 and eviction.

Larry Watler, Edinburgh, vs. David and Amber Griggs, Edinburgh, complaint for unpaid rent and eviction. Lincoln Village Drive, $1,000.

Travis Mouser, Hope Avenue, vs. Kyra Anderson, Sycamore Street, $1,150 and eviction; and Brent and Lisa Anderson, Hartsville, $1,650 and eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Angela LeBrun, Eighth Street, $12,275 and eviction.

Garet H. Cash, Thresher Drive, vs. Tracey T. Bonham, Martinsville, $400.

Katrina Wilhelm, 25th Street, vs. Pierre Correa, Washington Street, $660 and eviction.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie PC, vs. Andrew H. Biles, Fremont Drive, $268; Joanne L. Stahl, Seymour, $5,819.68; Michael J. Mathis, McKinley Avenue, $694.74; and Travis McCarty, Sycamore Street, $485.19.