Letter: Let Smith know bipartisan redistricting a priority

From: Carol Sewell


I am one of those who took time to go to the Indiana Statehouse to voice my support for a bipartisan commission to draw the new boundaries for legislative districts following the next census in our state. For too long, these boundaries have been drawn with political agendas in mind rather than following the guidelines for balanced districts. This has resulted in a super majority of Republicans in public office. Indiana no longer has a truly representative government as a result.

It is past time for this to change, yet state Rep. Milo Smith, R-Columbus, refuses to see it that way. Invoking his personal will not to bring this issue to a committee vote is wrong and reeks of the very partisanship this legislation would curtail. This bill had bipartisan support, and the group that drafted it worked for two years to bring it to Smith’s committee.

The Columbus area is not well-served by this narrow-minded approach to government. If you believe in representative government, let Smith know what you think. If he continues to obstruct a change in redistricting policy, please rethink your vote the next time he runs for office.