Around Town – March 11

Orchids to …

• Debbie Christian for giving me a picture of my son, Tim, and his wife passing by the house on their mopeds in 2008.

• the Hauser girls basketball team for your thoughtfulness, from Steve Robertson.

• Diane Powell for the pussy willows, from Sharon.

• Columbus Robotics GalacTech 4926 on winning the first FRC Tippecanoe District Event, from proud parents.

• John at All Saint’s who we appreciate not just for what he does for us, but also for being the person that he is, from grateful residents.

• all past Hope Red Devils and Hauser Jets basketball players and cheerleaders who gathered for a great reunion to reminisce about the Old Hope Gym, from the Community Center of Hope and the Yellow Trail Museum.

• the black BMW in front of me at Starbucks because your kindness produced a brighter ray of sunshine on a beautiful Friday morning.

• Bev Williams for the best end-of-year meal house league has ever had, from Columbus House League.

• the best youth hockey group and parents we’ve ever had, from Miss Carleen.

• those who support President Trump, who has kept his campaign promises.

• Rick for 365 days clean, from all of your family.

• the good people of Columbus for helping me before emergency services could get to the scene after I was in a bad wreck Thursday on National Road.

• Adam Cooper for his well-written, kind-spirited and factual letter which spoke my opinion exactly.

• Jeff Jones for accepting the position to help out with the drug epidemic in Columbus even though he won’t be compensated.

Onions to …

• those who think daylight saving time saves anything.

• school teachers who overstep their bounds by telling students they’re not allowed to date or sit at the same table in the diner when they use their eagle slip they earned.

• lunch room monitors who make kids run laps at recess if they “talk” rather than “whisper.”

• people who perpetrate the doublespeak that property crime is 75 percent higher than the national average and say Columbus is a safe place to live.

• the city for not having turn arrows on the traffic signals on 10th Street for Marr Road, McClure Road and Gladstone Avenue.

• the local political party that elected the same leadership so we can expect the no change and the same outlook on a local community.

• those who don’t realize that finding people who can string big words together which mean nothing will not help the drug problem in Columbus.

• the leaders of the community who are confusing activities with results.

• people trying to raise awareness who don’t realize that a single act alone does nothing.

• city elected officials for accomplishing nothing last year but going to meetings, from a disappointed taxpayer.

• local officials for even thinking about demolishing Donner Center.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jim Guilfoyle, from your co-workers and Donna.

• Bev Johnson, from Donna.

• Doris Bedell, from your family and Donna.

• Don Weddle Jr., from your family.

• Brooks McNicholas.

• Micah Smiley.

• Cody Wayne Stone.

• Charlene Goebel, from Steve.

• Dorothy Brown, from Janet and Nancy Weidman.

• Sue Henderson, from a friend.