Court news – March 12

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

IMC Credit Services vs. Logan J. Westerfield, Hope, $1,068.41; Jack Whitehead, Hope, $2,227.97; Colin D. Shipley, Oldfield Lane, $2,756.67; Jason S. Perry, South County Road 100W, $4,296.11; Juan D. Scruggs, Briar Hill Way, $4,071.39; Tylene Shadwick, Smoketree Drive, $1,331.37; Aaron M. Pratt, Washington Street, $6,000; Patrick H. and Starlett Skirvin, Nashville, $2,998.37; and Patricia A. Olson, Village Drive, $4,638.13.Allied Collection Service vs. Bernard Goins, South County Road 550W, $3,182.27; Tammy A. Goodyear, North Vernon, $1,845.86; Lora Grider, Nashville, $2,034.34; Ann M. Harris, Cardinal Court, $3,225.59; Junie D. Hearld, North Vernon, $1,562.03; Teresa L. Helm, North Vernon, $4,912.61; Tamara A. Hodge, Nicholas Lane, $3,539.14; Brandy Hubbard, South Beatty Street, $1,471.75; Christina L. Jayne, Scipio, $3,007.98; Charles A. Kays, Caldwell Place, $1,865.82; Eric D. Edwards, East Deer Run, $3,112.59; Tammy Edwards, 13th Street, $3,778.71; William O. Edwards, Eighth Street, $4,878.21; Taba Jo Elliott, Shelbyville, $1,196.15; Hobert L. England, Pennsylvania Street, $5,031.92; Mark R. Farris, Madison, $2,876.89; and Naomi I. Ferrell, Union Street, $4,763.33.Candlelight Homes and Candlelight Village vs. Elifalet Poblano and Jacqulin Lopez, $1,592 and $612.80.

Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp. vs. Melanie Hibbis, Hope, $260.

Bar-Cons Federal Credit Union vs. Siarra Berry, 23rd Street, $942.13.

Luyen D. Le LLC vs. Chad Shade, Huffman Drive, $500.

Royce H. Collins, 32nd Street, vs. Keith Olds, Patterson Road, $1,500 and eviction.

Darla Armstrong, South Jonesville Road, vs. Matthew M. Duckett, 17th Street, $500.

Bill and Barbara Combest, Eighth Street, vs. Hope Lamb, Wilson Street, $2,000 and eviction.

IMC Credit Services vs. Theresa M. Peacock, North Vernon, $4,572.51; Randall S. Taggart, Nashville, $1,956.76; Todd Ross, North Vernon, $6,000; Anthony R. Scudder, Greensburg, $1,724.11; Brenda J. Thompson, Pence Avenue, $1,162.58; Shantelle N. Steinke, 26th Street, $4,082.50; Lauren C. Robbins, Edinburgh, $1,384.58; and Maria C. Sanchez, Boone Drive, $1,037.50.

IMC Credit Services vs. Darrel L. Withers, South County Road 300W, $1,580.76; and Ashley R. Watkins, South County Road 150W, $1,285.63.

Indiana Gas Co., doing business as Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana, vs. Addison Underground Utilities, Evansville, $1,223.90.

Briarwood Apartments of Columbus vs. Pierre and Amanda Shakespeare, Rosebud Drive, $1,205.17 and eviction.

Dorfman Property Managemens vs. Brandon Thompson and Marisol Miontava, Willowbrook Drive, $2,540 and eviction.

Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio No. 11 vs. James Haynes, South County Road 55W, $4,259.55.

IMC Credit Services LLC, vs. Justin R. Rork, Edinburgh, $1,615.08; Angel M. Parkerson, Union Street, $1,957.92; Toiuana Robertson, Scottsburg, $2,444.21; Ricky L. Rodgers, Westport; and Joyce K. Sutton, Holton, $5,196.21.

Statewide Credit Association vs. Shannon Burton, Edinburgh, $711.84; Dorothy Hanner, Patterson Road, $420.43; Bridget Hardin, South County Road 300W, and Tony Hudson, South Wolf Creek Road, $711.70; and Brian Brumley, West County Road 525S, $560.52.

IMC Credit Services vs. James Gentry, South Ross Street, $1,356.57; Cody M. Young, Greensburg, $6,000; Timothy P. Tibbs, North Ross Street, $3,392.97; George R. and Jane Nichols, Buffalo Court, $2,115.36; Roland D. and Angie Nichalson, Regency Drive, $1,098.85; Terry L. Piper, Sycamore Street, $6,000; Sharon K. Persley, Hartsville, $4,899.92; Michelle N. Albright, North County Road 150W, $769.73; and Michael R. Wamsley, Greensburg, $1,139.55.

Dissolutions of Marriage filed

Kimberly A. Watts, Heritage Road, vs. Derrick D. Watts, West County Road 200N, married September 2015, separated Dec. 28, 2016.Stephanie Patricia Sweeney, Gilmore Street, vs. Joshua Robert Sweeney, Pontiac, Illinois, married Sept. 3, 2009, separated Aug. 15, 2015, one child.Robert J. Reed, Columbus, vs. Loretta A. Reed, 10th Street, married, Aug. 13, 2010, no separation date available, four children.

Lindsey Meredith, Chestnut Street, vs. Glenn Meredith, Chestnut Street, married, June 16, 2012, separated Jan. 6, 2017.

Jennifer E. Cessna, Cottage Avenue, vs. David K. York, Indianapolis, married June 12, 2012, separated Sept. 16, 2015.

Anisha L. Hendershot, West Hillside Drive, vs. Scott D. Hendershot, West Hillside Drive, married June 13, 1992, separated Jan. 25, 2017, two children.

Stephanie Taylor, Bartholomew County, vs. Anthony Taylor, Benton, Arkansas, married Sept. 5, 1992, separated Aug. 10, 2016, two minor children.

Cara Garris, South Jonesville Road, vs. Keith Garris, Della Road, married, June 18, 2010, separated Oct. 27, 2016.

Jason Renner, North County Road 330W, vs. Amanda Renner, Taylorsville, married Nov. 30, 1993, separated Sept. 18, 2016.

Cheyenne Mockobee, Washington Street, vs. Christina Reeves Mockobee, Washington Street, married June 26, 2014, separated Aug. 14, 2014, one child.

David Paul, Fort Wayne, vs. Kimberly Jean Travis, Elizabethtown, married March 31, 1990, separated Feb. 3, 2017, three children.

William C. Hadley, Columbus, vs. Tina L. Hadley, no address available, married April 16, 2015, separated July 30, 2015.

Maria Hernandez, Bartholomew County, vs. Oscar Ballinas, no address available, married Nov. 21, 2002, separated May 2010, one child.

Jason Robert Petro, Bartholomew County, vs. Tonya N. Petro, North Burbrink Drive, married Jan. 31, 2014, no separation date, two children.

Randall Rudzinski, Hawcreek Avenue, vs. Mary Jean Rudzinski, Prairie Stream Way, married July 3, 1993, separated July 1, 2016, three children.

Holly Nicole Carmer, Bartholomew County, vs. Robert Alan Carmer, Wallace Avenue, married June 1, 2012, separated Oct. 22, 2016, two children.

Christopher Allen Imel, Columbus, vs. Buffy Robin Imel, East County Road 800N, married Aug. 22, 2009, separated Feb. 8, 2017.

Stacy Shuffitt, Bartholomew County, vs. Daniel Shuffitt, North Ross Street, married Sept. 5, 2010, separated Aug. 18, 2016.

Amy Elizabeth Hensley, Jonesville, vs. Joshua Lawrence Hensley, Jonesville, married May 5, 2011, separated Nov. 22, 2016, three children.

Ronnel Wilson, Columbus, vs. Medora Wilson, Lafayette Avenue, married February 2006, separated June 2016, one child.

Shiyanna Skipper Marie Coomer, Bartholomew County, vs. Vibert Dillon Coomer, Bartholomew County, married June 1, 2016, separated Jan. 3, 2017.