Court news – March 25

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

Lifecycle Specialties, Scott Drive, vs. Kipper Doran, Hawcreek Boulevard, $1,436.Bethany Henderson, South Wolfcreek Road, vs. Shawn Hendricks, Columbus, $1,909.19 and eviction.

Grayson Management vs. Greg and Heather Burton, Greensburg, $2,835 and eviction.

Williamsburg Way Apartments vs. Julie Hasenour, Williamsburg Court, $2,350 and eviction; and Zachary VanWhy and Lisa Behymer, Williamsburg Court, $3,0511.50 and eviction.

Wayne and Micki Fulp, 25th Street, vs. Michael D. Wick, 11th Street, $595 and eviction.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Hannah D. Hatton and Phillip Roberts, 28th Street, $1,274 and eviction.

Axsom-Franke Plumbing, 11th Street, vs. Rhea Coffman, Joseph Cox Court, $246; Chris Chandler, West County Road 700S, $340.32; Chris Bartells, West Jonathan Moore Pike, $488.42; and Keith and Dorothy Robbins, 18th Street, $554.73.

Alex R. Whitted, Washington Street, vs. Alyssia Burriss, Cross Creek, $447.63.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Hillary Creech, Pavia Court, $389.59 and eviction; Haley Cooper, Lombardy Court, $810.42 and eviction; and Jay Clark, Pearl Street, $360 and eviction.

Shannon Stinson, Indianapolis, vs. Tracy and Timothy Woodcock, North Devonshire Road, $6,000 and eviction; and Randy Barker, Hartsville, $2,000 and eviction.

Thelma Johnson, Forsythia Drive, vs. Elizabeth Myrick, Illinois Street, $600 and eviction.

Dan Brock, Seymour, vs. Ashley Welch and Jacob Prewitt, Jonesville, $2,600 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Pearletta Banks, Nashville, $1,224.93; Job England, 22nd Street, $1,484.13; Christina Fleener, Greensburg, $2,667.44; and Joshua G. Klakamp, Offshore Drive, $2,528; Gregory W. Newton, Edinburgh, $1,368.87; and Tammy L. Sage, Seymour, $2,114.14.

TENA Inc. vs. Robert Ballenger, South National Road, $1,341.14 and eviction; Jose A. Secundino, Columbus, $1,255.14 and eviction; and Alvaro J. Gutierrez, North County Road 150W, $1,645.38 and eviction.

Gage Dooley, Union Street, vs. James Von Fange and Jessica Hendrickson, Washington Street, $1,000 and eviction.

Amarilys Hernandez, Grand Avenue, vs. Kiara Picart, Sycamore Street, $990.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie vs. Sudhir K. Patel, Seymour, $922.76.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. Danielle K. Parkinson, Greensburg, $2,893.79; Elizabeth Pennington, Hiker Trace, $1,313.10; Timothy Sorrells, North Vernon, $4,722.96; and Jamie S. Swider, 26th Street, $5,032.05.

Jack Jones, River Grove Drive, vs. Lisa Dampier, Timbercrest Drive, complaint for eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Veronica Jones, Smith Street, $650 and eviction; and Pam Blair, Clifty Drive, $1,050 and eviction.

Judy Posey, Wehmeier Street, vs. Shawn and Chrystal Collins, Wehmeier Street, complaint for eviction.

Ernest Stone, doing business as Stone’s Trailer Park, vs. Gary and Nicole Lockridge, Hope, $3,576.43.

Equity Property Management vs. Braylynn Eads and Joshua and Jacob Ruble, Grand Avenue, $800 and eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Sara Newland, Union Street, $625 and eviction.

Christie Jackson, Hope, vs. Randall Kearney, Westport, $4,431.50.

Barr Plumbing Service vs. Troy Skaggs, Hartsville, $1,079.79.

Shadow Creek Homeowners Association vs. Eliseo Izquierdo Morales, Middle View Drive, $1,631.88.

TWG Management vs. Aaron Byrd, Phoenix Court, and Deborah Robbins, Taylorsville, $379 and eviction.