Around Town – March 26

Orchids to …

• Columbus Transit for meeting the needs of people throughout the Columbus area.

• all my CCC family for the prayers, cards and visits, from Larry.

• Columbus Regional Hospital, especially the second floor ICU and Tower Seven, for the care, rehab and all the wonderful new friends, from Donald Duck.

• the nice lady in the white van at McDonald’s who paid for my lunch Friday.

• Shawn Swope at Acra Automotive Group for a fine experience with trading in for a new car.

• Chris Rutan for helping me out Saturday.

• Debra Greene for running the vacuum and mopping for me, from Mom.

Happy Birthday to …

• Ralph Blewett, from your family and Donna.

• Charlotte Condon, from Bob, Debby, Doug, Donna, Cindy and all your family.

• Jeremy Collins.

• Jon Griffin.

• Xavier Mercer.

• Casey Jacob Dickerson.

• Donny Idol, from Mom, Junior, Jacob, Tiffany, Terri, Rodger, Dawn, Wilma, Rodger Sr., family and friends.

• Charlotte Condon, from Esther.

ANOTHER beautiful morning