Next step for senior includes pursuing college art degree

As graduation draws closer for Jennings County High School seniors, so does the next step in their lives.

Kamryn Castetter has that figured out, though.

She plans to continue her artistic endeavors by attending the Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI in Indianapolis, and studying either integrated studio design or photography.

Castetter said that she chose IUPUI because she “just felt that it was right,” and was the best option for her and the goals she has set, even after she visited other schools such as the University of Indianapolis.

“I’m considering these majors because I really have a liking for art, and I feel that I would be happiest doing them, and that is definitely my biggest concern,” Castetter said.

She is among the seniors taking the AP studio art class at Jennings. Castetter has taken at least one art class every year of her high school career — with the exception of her freshman year. Her classes have included introduction to 2D and 3D art, ceramics and painting.

Castetter has earned the Family and Moose Lodge scholarships, both valued at $1,000, in addition to the 21st Century Scholarship. She also plans to sell prints of her photographs and would like to work at Sephora, a cosmetics store, to help pay for college.

She has big goals for her future: to be a well-recognized artist and maybe even a photographer for National Geographic.

“It might be unlikely, but hey, maybe I’ll get lucky,” she said.