From: Shirley Todd


This is in response to Scott Keen’s letter on March 12: “Keep the focus in schools on education not religion.”

I don’t know how old Scott is. I’m 75 now and I can’t tell by his letter if he is a Christian, but I am. I’ve seen a lot in my 75 years, and I saw that when God was taken out of our schools, etc., that our society started a downfall and is still on that downfall course today. I used to feel safe.

Criminal acts, drugs and sin are rampant, among other things.

Some of our children aren’t raised in homes where they are aware of good from bad and their home life is really stressful in some cases. I quote Scott here: “Parents can spiritualize their children with their beliefs on their private time.” What if there is no spiritual private time?

I quote Scott here: “Our public schools should use their limited time and resources to educate students about living in the real world, things like math, literacy and teamwork.”

The real world and math, literacy and teamwork didn’t help me any as an adult, when I had tragic events in my present life. If I hadn’t had Jesus in my life, I could not have made it at all.

We had prayers in my school days, and that is a freedom I’m thankful for.

A lot of today’s youths (and adults) are so messed up because they now have no God at school and no God at home. We all need rules to live by in the real world. Yes, public schools do need prayer.