Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, well known by its acronym of IUPUC, has become an important higher education institution in south-central Indiana over its 47 year-history.

It serves about 2,300 students from Bartholomew and neighboring counties, and employs about 270 faculty and staff.

Most importantly, the school offers degree programs from two respected universities: Indiana and Purdue. That’s a great benefit in the region for students.

Students can earn a bachelor’s degree in about a dozen fields, such as business, nursing and elementary education. Plus, certificates, minors and concentrations are also available to them.

IUPUC also has shown its willingness to expand its offerings to meet the needs of employers. For example, its Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering was a response to the need for more engineers by local advanced manufacturing companies.

Also, IUPUC started two masters degrees not that long ago: business administration and mental health counseling. Both serve an expressed need in the field.

Considering the role IUPUC plays in providing higher education to students regionally, it’s worth supporting IU Day on Wednesday.

IU Day is a worldwide awareness campaign for Indiana University, which includes donor challenges and a social media focus. People can support IUPUC in doing so.

For example, when people make a financial gift to IUPUC on IU Day, it will generate a match from several IUPUC donors who have put up $5,000 in matching funds.

That’s important funding, and will help the university continue to grow and meets the needs of students.

On IU Day, IUPUC also will:

  • Announce its first-ever mascot
  • Have faculty participate in a panel discussion at the IU Center for Art + Design to discuss the importance of architecture and design in the future of Columbus
  • Provide giveaways
  • Announce $50,000 in matched scholarship money to support retention

Earning an advanced degree is becoming increasingly important as more jobs require advanced skills. IUPUC is playing a key role in meeting the needs of students and employers in that regard, but support of the institution helps make that possible.

Showing support for IUPUC on IU Day will not only help the school, but ultimately the region.

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