Around Town – April 15

Orchids to …

• Hunter and Will at Noble Roman’s for the superior service and amazingly fresh food, from Cindy and family.

• the gentleman in the white Mercedes ahead of me in the Steak ‘n Shake drive-thru for paying for my milkshake Thursday afternoon.

• all the volunteers who donated food as well as their time.

• Dale Nowlin for explaining how vouchers lack value for improving education and saving taxpayer money.

• Terri Oliver of Kindred Transitional Care for her patience and advice on Friday, from Barbara.

• the Columbus Police and Bartholomew County Sheriff’s departments for the arrest that led to the recovery of my stolen items.

• Terri Murphy of Flintwood Wesleyan Church for her gift on Thursday, which was appreciated by the ladies and gentlemen.

• Gary Cheek for delivering an article.

Onions to …

• the public servants saying it will take years for alcohol sale reform while ignoring what neighbor states have done.

• those for putting a rumble strip on State Road 9 instead of using the money on some other road projects.

• those who turn to drugs instead of toughening up and facing their problems because they become a burden on the entire community.

• people trying to sell Columbus as a friendly town when it is clearly the most unfriendly, unwelcoming, inhospitable town I have ever been in.

• school corporations that waste time on an already-existing phone policy when there aren’t enough bus drivers to drive all the buses every day.

• those who support statistic gathering, which allows unverified, anonymous calls reporting on racial bias or hate crime.

Happy Birthday to …

• Chris Ligon, from your co-workers and Donna.

• Marty Hirons, from your family and Donna.

• Buck Bean, from your family and Donna.

• Sue Bailey, from your family and Donna.

• Bill Trimpe, from your family and Donna.

• Billy Joe Burton and Cindy Burton, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Glen Keller, Natalie Berkenstock, Evan Clouse, Jodi Zollman and Michael Turner, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Ashley Riggin.

• Mike Ross.

• Wade Hooten, from Mom.

Happy Birthday to …

• Olivia Middendorf, from Elsie.

• John Holwager, from your family and friends.

• Susan Gobert, from Jean Patrick.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ron and Rosie Trotter, from friends at the Moravian Church.